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 Are we trying to speed up Gods timing or are we patiently waiting on God?  Do we truly follow Christ and fully trust in Him?

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How can we model our approach to temptation to combat its pull like Jesus did in the desert?

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Jude's letter challenges us to show mercy to others. How does that differ from grace? 

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Looking forward into 2020, how can we be more other focused?

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Our theme for 2019 was "Grateful." Were we, in fact, grateful and content through the year? Pressing forward, how do we share this reason for gratitude with "others?"

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Many things change many things, but only one thing changed everything.

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From Mary, mother of Jesus, to the lowest of shepherds - Christ came for all. He came for you!

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Join us as we go verse by verse through this popular Christmas song. Let us lift our voices in exultation unto the Lord this season!

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Join us as we dive into this ancient chant. Every verse reveals God's character and prophesy fulfilled.

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The Holy Spirit is a person and He wants to give you gifts, but more so He is about the fruit. How do you know you've been filled with the Holy Spirit? Agape love and boldness

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Jesus was baptized for our sins so that he could take them to the cross and pay our sin debt in full by his death and resurrection. And he is coming back soon! What will you be doing differently to prepare for his return?

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The Lord tells us to take his yoke upon us. But what does that look like? Often we are so weighed down by pressures from society or self that we aren't letting Christ's love for us determine our worth.

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Join us as we dive deeper into John the Baptist's ministry and how he was the new Elijah.

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God sent John the Baptist to be a forerunner of Jesus Christ. We too are called to be forerunners!

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Each of the gospels was written for a particular audience with a particular goal in mind. They are not biographical accounts. Mark is writing to the Romans and uses language they culturally understand: son of god and freedmen.

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Mark's story is full of failures, shame, rejection, and second chances. But his story was redeemed, not just by God, but by Barnabus -- an encourager. We all need a Barnabus in our life.

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We are of one race, nation, and people: chosen. God has called us out of the darkness and into his magnificent light. 

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We are of one race, nation, and people: chosen. God has called us out of the darkness and into his magnificent light. 

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1 Corinthians 10:13 tells us that because the Lord is faithful, we will not be tempted beyond what we are able. How often it gets misconstrued to "God won't give you more than you can handle." It would better be stated as "Whatever God brings you to, He will bring you through."

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Philippians 4:13 is another commonly misused verse throughout Christianity. We cannot accomplish all our own personal goals through Christ, but we can accomplish all He has called for us through Him

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Jeremiah 29:11 is one of the most commonly misused verses in the Bible. What does God mean when He says he has plans to prosper and not to harm? Let's dive in to the context of this verse and the prophecies of Jeremiah.

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Christ bore the weight of your sins and took them to the cross. It is finished, but He is not finished. He will return to carry you home.

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A summary of the 16 weeks we spent studying the book of Malachi can be wrapped up in 4 simple words: God has loved you!

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Malachi 4 is God’s Loving Warning that a day is coming when God will judge sin. “For behold, the day is coming…” Is referring to the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, not in peace, but to judge and wage war on sin. The Bible has spoken of “This Day” in many books like Isaiah, Revelation and 2nd Peter. Why would God warn us? BECAUSE HE LOVES US! In Christ, we are no longer under the coming judgement of sin, but as Malachi 4:2 says, “But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings; and you will go forth and skip about like calves from the stall.” That’s how much GOD LOVES US! Out of His Great Love, we are warned, now share with others, Hope & Salvation are found only in Jesus Christ!

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Set your eyes on the things above and trust in God in all things. He is faithful.

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The absolutely unapproachable holy God can be approached absolutely.

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What does the Holiness of God look like? Isaiah recounts his vision of the Lord in chapter 6 of the book of Isaiah.  

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Are we on the rooster road to destruction or are we just too chicken to let God love us? Are we moving from knowing to understanding?

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The book of Malachi is a love story. God pleads with His people to return to him with their whole tithe. But more than money, this tithe is a tithe of heart.

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What’s so good about the good news? In our human nature we often tend to made things more complex than they are. Today we were reminded about the “4 coins” of the simple gospel and why it is that we crave good news.

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Serving While Serving: This week we heard from 3 different members of the military- 2 currently serving and 1 veteran. Sam, Rye & Brian share how they were called to serve and how God has been working in their lives to this day.

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In Malachi 3, we continue to discuss how God commands us to "bring the whole tithe into the storehouse," but is God just taking our money? Listen as Kahu discusses how God wants out hearts above all else because He first loved us.

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The body can only function at full potential if every part is doing its job. Let us set aside differences in opinions and come together in love. 

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Earthly fathers are going to fail (there are even examples within the Bible), but we must set our sight on the Heavenly Father as our role model. 

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How do we, the church, win the battle over evil? We must submit ourselves to God, take captive every thought, and fill our minds with His Word-- the battle ground is in our mind.

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We rob God when we come forth with an insincere heart. As a result, we are robbed of God's presence and thus his blessings.

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God is passing us through the refining fire and meticulously purifying us. We won't be completely refined until our Refiner's image can be clearly seen and reflected in us.

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Believers must clearly understand the definition of sin and be tender to someone who is struggling in it.

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Throughout verses 10-16 of Malachi 2, we focus on the unholy behaviors of the people -- mainly divorce and taking matters of the heart into our own hands instead of entrusting them to God.

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Join us in the first half of Malachi 2 identifying what God considers the unholy behavior of “the priests” and how He has equipped us to be the “priests” that set the example for others by reflecting on the desires of our heart.

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As we have looked at the Lords indictments against the false worship, everything prior; profanity, sacrilege, and greed were about the actions of the priests. In this study God now focuses on their attitude. Their attitude was one of disrespect and they did not care to take the trouble to set things straight. God showed them, this too, was sinning against Him.

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Pastor Maiola brings us through Revelation 5 to simplify the beauty behind understanding how Holy Christ is and how we can turn to Him because He is the One who is Worthy.

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Hope is realized when someone has peace and joy. Where are you placing your hope?

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Why do we celebrate Easter? Did Christ's body get stolen from the grave? Did he ever resurrect? Learn the evidence behind the resurrection.

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Are we bringing God our best when it comes to the sacrifices of our bodies, offerings, praise, good works, and souls we win for Christ?

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What sacrifices are you bringing to the altar of God? By bringing sacrifices that mean nothing to you, you are stating that God means nothing to you.

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Are we dishonoring God in what we are bringing to His altar?

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Love AND Knowledge are essential for the Christian to follow the will of God and live life to His glory.

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God has created many covenants between Him and men; some are conditional, but many are unconditional. The covenant of redemption is conditional because God is love and lets you decide to love Him back. The God who knows you best, loves you most. 

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God is so in love with you and wants you to know his heart. Return to Jesus and he will return to you.

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The entirety of the book of Ephesians can be summed up with one word: submit. But submission isn't a bad thing. It helps us walk in light, in love, and in wisdom.

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Almost 3 years to the date, we finally wrap up the book of Acts. We end with Paul in Rome, preaching and leading others to Jesus. Now it is our turn to live out Acts 29. What are the Acts of the One Lovians?

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Paul leaves Malta and finally arrives in Rome. He is encouraged by their faith. He then calls together the Jewish leaders to do some damage control, but they haven't been told of his reputation. He is able to bring many to Christ and so can we by following simple steps.

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Paul finds himself on an island when he is bitten by a poisonous snake. He simply shakes it off into the fire and continues on with his business, much to the amazement of those around him. The serpent will attack you in life. Shake him into the fire and trust God. The same God who did all these amazing miracles in the Bible is still the same God today.

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Our world is full lies and deceit, but we can find truth in who Jesus is.

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A storm is raging and the boat Paul is on is being rocked to and fro. Paul has unshakeable confidence in the Lord; not in the storm or what he could see and feel. We tend to believe in God instead of believing God. 

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In 1 Thessalonians, we are encouraged to pray without ceasing. But how does one accomplish such a feat?

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What in your life needs to be offered up before God can do a mighty work?

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Join us for an Old Fashioned Christmas.

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We are overloaded with activity, change, choice, commitment, debt, decision, fatigue, hurry, media, people, traffic, work, information, and more. We have surge protectors so our electronics don't get overloaded, how about a surge protector for your life?

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God uses even the most unbiblical people to share his gospel message. O Holy Night is rich with biblical truths that explore God's love, anger, and friendship.

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Join us as we explore the hymn "Angels From the Realms of Glory." We learn that the baby Jesus will rise to become God and fill his throne as the three-in-one. Because of Jesus, the doomed sinner can have their death sentence revoked and our chains broken through salvation and penitent worship.

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Joy to the world the Lord has come! This popular Christmas song is taken directly from the scriptures in Psalm 98 and Genesis 3.

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Paul encounters raging seas, but continues to listen to the voice of the Lord directing his moves. Storms come in life, but don't jump ship! Cut the ropes of temptation and sin and rely on Jesus!

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Paul's journey in Acts, chapter 27 starts by reminding us that we often fall into our own storms when we choose to follow the majority.

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This weekend we were blessed to hear Ravi Zacharias talk about authentic worship. We cannot worship our King without gratitude, reverence, sacrifice, and without purity of motive. 718540

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Pastor Duke brings us through the Book of Esther to remind us that even when it appears that the Lord is not mentioned, He has yet to be absent in the lives of those who love Him. The Book of Esther is confirmation of how the Lord and His people are to not be under estimated no matter how small an individual's role may seem.

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Paul is brought before King Agrippa and takes the time to share the gospel. When we are sharing the gospel, we should follow in Paul's example: Find the Common Ground, don’t try and rush, begin with personal testimony, define the context (NOT about me, but of a living God), practice what you preach, preach it straight (no side steppin’), give God ALL credit and glory, give the Gospel and an invitation, be released from results, and give that they are damned.

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Knowing the history of corrupt and unjust trials, Paul appeals to Caesar to hear his case. There is a plan. Despite our circumstances, God sees the whole picture.

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Paul is brought before Felix because of false accusations against him. But the only thing he claims to be guilty of is being a follower of The Way. We should be guilty of the following things: being a follower of The Way, believing in the scriptures, believing in the resurrection, and being faultless. Paul ends up spending the next two years sharing the gospel with Felix.

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A plot to take Paul's life is put into action, but overheard by Paul's nephew. Paul is then given 470 soldiers to escort him to Herod's beach house, where he spends the next two years getting some much needed R&R.

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Paul is standing before the council of Pharisees and Sadducees and brings up the topic of the resurrection, thus starting riot #3. The Lord stands by Paul and tells him to take courage. God has a plan even in the darkest hour.

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When you look down, you see darkness. When you look around, you see death. But when you look up, you see the greatness of God.

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Captain Zac brings us through Jeremiah and 2 Kings to see that there are consequences to rejecting God, hardening of hearts, fearing man [instead of God] and prideful rejection of repentance. Yet through God’s mercy we learn that He corrects those He loves to save them from themselves.

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How do you turn a relationship of slavery into a relationship of love?

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Are we held accountable for callings in our life that we did not heed?

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Much like a car can cruise behind a large semi and "draft" in the absence of wind, so we too can draft behind God. Following him closely. When rough weather hits, we will still feel the impacts, but God's presence makes it more bearable.

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Last week we uncovered the realities of hell, but this week we dive into the extremes Jesus went through to keep us from such a place.

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Hell is a real place, taught about in Luke 16 with the Rich Man and Lazarus. 

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The world defines success in a variety of ways, but how does God gauge our success?

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What does living a life full of faith look like?

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The past 3 weeks we've been shown the Greatest Commandment, now how do we walk in that?

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Now that we have learned what it looks like for God to love us and for us to love him, what does it mean to love our neighbor?

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What does loving God look like? God lays out what loving Him entails in Deuteronomy 6 in the Shemah

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Before we can look at what it means to love the Lord and others, we must first dive into what it looks like to be loved by God. His full display of love and wrath can clearly be seen in one place: the cross.

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Paul speaks out against the high priest after being unlawfully hit. We are reminded of a very similar scenario Jesus found himself in. Let us be like Jesus: clear, firm, and loving. Let God - God.

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Paul informs his captors that he is of Roman blood. We are reminded that God uses all things for his purpose and making His name known.

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Being disciplined by God does not mean that He doesn't love us. God shows his love for us in His discipline.

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Paul speaks in his defense. Are we prepared for when we are asked to speak? The best tool in sharing your faith is YOUR story.

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A mob seeks to take Paul's life and the believers in Jerusalem are silent. Paul is taken into custody and the question is raised: where is the church?

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Paul arrives in Jerusalem, but quickly learns that his name is being slandered by the believers. In an attempt to appeal to those slandering his name, he goes to the temple and cleanses himself.

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Paul leaves for Jerusalem despite other believers counseling him not to go, for Jerusalem would certainly bring about death. Even through disagreement, the believers see Paul off at the dock as he sets off towards his death.

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What are the 5 love languages and how does God communicate?

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With so many opinions and so much information, how do we know what is true anymore? Does it even matter who is right or wrong?

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The word of God's grace is able to build you up, give you an inheritance, and sanctify you.

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What role has faith played in forming our nation? Does faith really matter in a nation? Does faith really matter in our lives?

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God has prepared a specific redeemer who paid the ultimate price for our lives. Just as Boaz gave his life and redeemed Ruth, so Jesus gave his life to redeem us of our sins.

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Be on guard and watch out for the flock. Wolves are prowling around -- even inside the church.

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Paul writes, saying that bonds and afflictions await him. How can he be so calm about such trials? When you go through situations over and over again, the fear dwindles. Can we find joy in times of hardship?

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Easter SonRise 2018

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