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This picture is meant to be violent. Those who stand as enemies of God need to understand the reality of what that means so that they will no longer stand as enemies but surrender to this King who provides all things to His people.

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If it seems like your prayers aren’t being heard - it May be due to Unconfessed sin; - it’s not that God is mad at you, No - He Loves You So Much that - If you are Walking Contrary to His Will - He will be Silent… In Order That you might Begin to Ask God to “Search your heart” and see where you have some Unconfessed sin.

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When you don’t see results in your prayers, first come before the Lord and ask Him to help you take inventory of self. Come knowing that He loves you and has plans to prosper you and not to harm you!

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Redemption doesn’t end in deliverance, it ends with praise. Psalm 64 David is assured of God’s heavenly deliverance by God’s earthly dominion.

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Join us this week as Pastor David Zamora teaches on Psalm 64!

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David in his praise is not ignorant of the enemies surrounding him; But even now he looks to God and knows God will deal with his enemies. There’s a confidence that God is just and even if David is suffering now, God will bring about good from it.

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There’s a picture being painted in verse one. The picture is one of stillness and trust, and there’s confidence and peace in the statement that David makes. This is what his soul does. This peace and confidence and trust comes from only one source and there is only one who is worthy of yielding this kind of response.

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David often uses this phrase, the shelter, or the shadow of Yahweh's wings. David knew of the wings on the Ark of the Covenant that covered the mercy seat and the symbolism of it. 

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How tragic it is that, often as we grow older in our walk with God, sometimes, like David in this Psalm, we begin to depend on our own abilities, resources, or personalities! In our earlier days, with the Lord, we walked in full dependency upon him!

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God builds His Church, and he chooses to use us in His mission.  He’s working all around us… we can jump in… or sit on the sidelines.



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In Psalm 37 and in this Psalm, David was confident that his enemies would not succeed. He knew that God mocks the mockers. Therefore, he would watch for God, for God is his stronghold!

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You and I have seen God act on our behalf… hopefully you’ve recognized it. Let’s live like David and trust God, and believe he is on the throne!

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Why does David choose to fix his eyes on God rather than his present circumstance? Why does he cry out to God at all? Why does he resolve to praise God in the midst of being hunted by Saul. 

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Some of you can feel that as a father, you’re not where you wish you could be right now spiritually and relationally with God and with your family! David models the correct way to handle this in Psalm 56!

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He wants our hearts and our requests! He calls us to bring our burdens and our praise and He wants us to leave vengeance and anxiety in his hands.

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We need the truths of this Psalm! It’ll seem familiar maybe, there’s a reason David cries out to God the same way in different situations and why we are to learn from David how we are to pray and fight.

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When we live like there is no God, we become the supreme moral authority, at least in our own minds, and that is a dangerous place to be!

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The issue is not if God will bring justice, rather when God will bring justice. Often we want justice now, but why does God wait? He waits because he is merciful and gracious slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love as we know from Psalm 103:8.

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Join us this week as Kahu Derek tells us the story of a great Godly women!

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Join us this week as Paul Gates talks about his ministry, and embracing the unexpected people in our everyday lives.

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If the joy is gone, chances are very great that there is some unconfessed sin in your life. The Fruit of the Spirit is joy! 

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Join us this week as Kahu Waxer talks about the controversial topic of Pre-Destination. 

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If you ever think God is permissive of sin, look to the cross. See how severely sin is dealt with and how deeply He loves you that He would pay that high a price to free you from its grip.

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Join us the Easter as the Church gathers to celebrate Easter on the beach!

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Happy Palm Sunday! Join us as Pastor Waxer prepares us for these exciting times.

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We are all a part of the body. We all have a role to play! Find out what your role will be this Easter.

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We have received a Spirit of adoption and we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons. What does it mean, why does it matter, how these two show something powerful about the purpose of God?

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Those who are walking according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh. The mind set on the flesh leads to death. Those who are according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit! The mind that is set on the Spirit is life and peace.

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Join us this week as Kahu Waxer talks about the differences between the Spirit and the Flesh, described in Romans 8.

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The love of God is the crescendo and the conclusion! The greatest treasure in this life is one we can never loose - God’s love. We will be separated from all other types of things; But never from the love of God.

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The apostle Paul speaks a lot about “suffering” to the Christian, but it’s never suffering for suffering sake, there is always a context. Peter talks about being tested by the Lord through suffering in 1 Peter 4:12.

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God is righteous, so our being in Him is being in righteousness. Him in us is us being made righteous by His cleansing work on the cross, the blood of the Lamb.

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If you continually find yourself in a place of frustration, bitterness, anger, or self loathing. Ask yourself what are you setting your mind on?

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This is Yahweh Elohim, the God who created the heavens and the earth; They exist because He willed them to, so when He calls they obey. Would that we have that same obedience!

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Someone once said, “We can’t take our money with us, but we can send it ahead.” We can use our resources for missions and ministry, to further proclaim and advance the Gospel.

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Go through and inspect, admire, adore, the works of God. Look at the church that God has built, the Church as a whole. Consider how many testimonies, stories of victory, deliverance, hope, there are. How many answered prayers and prayers we’re glad God didn’t answer!

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Paul has preached the gospel to them but they’ve fallen prey to finding their righteousness in other things. The gospel is the good news of freedom from the law and sin, freedom from earning our righteousness!

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Join us on this New Years day as Kahu Waxer shares with us the Theme for this new year Freedom!

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As we go through our scriptures we will be highlighting this abundant life that God has designed for His children; To be free from the cares of this world, the opinions of others, the economy, or any other earthly thing.

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May our hearts go out to the un-saved and un-hopeful people who have no “Hope Delivered” on Christmas day.

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This message of hope is for the world; The lost, broken, ungodly, hurting, and sick. It is our job and joy to share this hope with the world!

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Jesus Christ is our one and only true hope. The wait is over, God has done His part, salvation has been delivered, and hope is available! Now it is up to us to share hope!

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There are many Christmas stories and traditions that are not as accurate as you might think. Take the Christmas test and tune in as Pastor Waxer talks about the history of Christmas.  

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All humans have eternal life, the question is not only where will you live it, but how will you live your eternal life? Learning how to live for eternity with God begins the moment you are born again, and the is eternal living.

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Why does it matter if we see God as King? Because something will always be the king of your life! The thing that you worship and follow, the thing that dictates what you do and how you live, the one you seek to please.

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Siege warfare meant surrounding the city and trapping all its inhabitants in, cutting off water and food, and closing off the river, depriving the city of the things they needed to live. Satan uses the same kind of tactics. He desires to cut you of from the fountain of living water!

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What would make someone forget or leave behind their people and their father’s house. Something that is more glorious and grand than anything they could imagine. A King who leads with righteousness and meekness and justice.

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Anytime the children of God come to worship Him, their hearts should share the expression of the psalmist. An overflow of the heart that has seen and been moved, changed, and blessed by the majesty, beauty, and grace of God.

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We have also begun to understand that many times, while we do not enjoy any suffering, we have seen that our loving Father has a purpose! A Good one, to bring us back to a place of blessing. 

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What I enjoy about David is he seemed to have a balance between expressing his heart to the Lord openly… and yet not allowing his heart to sink into hopelessness!

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The waves of this world will come and the floods will break against the house. What help does one house have to stand when all the others are washed away? Not what it is made of, not the color of paint. It’s what stands beneath it, its foundation. God must be our foundation!

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Jesus draws us near to Him by showing us He understands, and therefore we can come boldly to the throne. Not by our own merit but on His!

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A man may be as poor as Lazarus, as hated as Mordecai, as sick as Hezekiah, or as lonely as Elijah, but while his hand of faith can keep its hold on God, none of his outward afflictions can prevent him from being numbered among the blessed!

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In order to get our attention and to get us back on track, whether we were purposeful or not in our rebellion, God will allow suffering and hardship to discipline us. David clearly acknowledges the cause and effect of his suffering was his Sin.

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What's so refreshing to see is David’s honesty and vulnerability with the Lord. No excuses, blaming, or finger pointing. It is important to confess sin, because when we do, healing and restoration with the Holy Spirit happens.

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It’s so good to know and to count on the fact that our Father has plans for each of us! If we pray for his direction and obey his will, we will end up in His will, blessing, and protection.

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Live as the Lord has called you. Do not compromise to live like the wicked when you see them prospering, but rather commit your way to Yahweh who sees all and judges according to His righteousness!

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The words of the ungodly are untrustworthy! This is not just a warning about others, but also servers as a warning for your own judgment, plans, pursuits, and opinions when your heart has drifted far from God.

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Loving our enemies is not the same as tolerating our enemies' existence. To love them is to bless them and to mourn with them!

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A legalist wants to debate the rules; but the point wasn’t which rules were the correct rules; the point was the basic way to approach God. We emphasize that it is based not on what we do for Him, but it is based on what He has done for us in Jesus Christ!

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If we desire good lives, it is not found in fulfilling our dreams, gaining respect, or becoming celebrities. Rather, it is found in a life lived in the fear of the Lord for there is found wisdom!

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Church, we are the blessed nation that God has chosen as His inheritance. His plans for us and through us cannot be stopped. God works through us and many other things, but does not depend on them for victory!

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Christians’ sins are no less egregious than those who don’t believe. The price that was paid for those sins is still Jesus’ blood on the cross. The believer's sin should never breed nonchalance or guilt but always conviction, always sanctification, and always remorse.

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David was again filled with hope and courage to face whatever was ahead. Sounds like some practical stuff we could all benefit by in this ever changing world.

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But the best take away for us is to be big picture minded like David, not only being about the here and now and our temporal comfort but also about being prepared for eternity.

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The best take away for us is to be big picture minded like David! Not only being about the here and now and our temporal comfort, but also about being prepared for eternity.

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Beholding God's glory is the means in which we receive comfort.
In some ways the glory of God is best expressed by his undeserved goodness toward us!

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When we reflect on the eagerness of our Lord to hear, and His ability to help. . . is there any good reason for not directing all our appeals at once to the God of our salvation?

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This question can be understood as referring to both in the present as well as in the future. Here and now we can join Paul in saying, “if God is for us who can be against us?” -Romans 8:31

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We know David was a rascal, but what was also said of him? A man after God’s heart

Again, God’s Economy is quite different from ours.  We look at the outside, at results, but God looks at the heart.  The Lord could discern that David had been consistent in his persistence.

            We can be “Perfectly” committed…  “Holy” in desire  “without wavering.”


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It's not just for David, it’s for all of us! When times are tough, when life gets rough, we have a Friend and God who has showed us how to abide in him.

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This is a Psalm of ascent, to be sung and danced to while David brought the Ark of the Lord of hosts into the city of David.

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The rod was an extension of the shepherds right arm. He used it to protect His flock and would use it to discipline and correct any wayward sheep!

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People who have died and returned are not like Yeshua.... they will die again. We have to take off our natural bodies and put on our heavenly bodies to live forever! 

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There are many qualities and attributes of God that he shares with us and desires for us to share with Him. However, there are are a few that we should not partake in... and vengeance is one of them.

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“Far from helping me”... How many of us have felt this way? As though God is distant, inattentive, or uninterested in us. We can relate to David in this way.

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Join us this week as we gather together on Waikiki Beach for our Easter Sunrise Celebration! 

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Jesus thus far has been called King, Son of David, but when asked by the people, they say He is just a prophet. Here we start to see the true heart of what is happening in this scene. They don’t get the true reason He had come!

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We trust in the Lord because of His love and loyalty for us through his salvation. Through his salvation and love, “I will not be shaken!” Stability is always found in understanding the name of the Lord, His nature, His reputation, and character just as David did. 

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Jesus Christ on the cross was our “once and for all” sacrifice. The bronze altar was a foreshadow of the cross. It caused the worshiper to start from a position of humility. So if we start out at the altar... it will alter our day!

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These hidden faults in verse twelve are what we categorize as sins of ignorance, unawareness, and secret. They are the sins that we commit without realizing, not deliberate sin we try to hide.

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The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes. That’s what the Word does, It’s pure and allows us to get to the bottom of things, to see clearly. Just think of how little the concept of pure is today…?

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All peoples everywhere are moved by the beauty of creation, but it is also important to distinguish that it is the glory of God; Not merely the glory of creation.

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David’s not being prideful, but rather attributing every ability and victory to the LORD! Everything he had done and everything he now enjoyed was due to the Lord’s enabling. David did this ...and was able to do this... only because of Him!

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This book will keep you from sin and sin will keep you from this book. The word of God is powerful… just look at Jesus when He was tempted.

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David’s constant use of “my” in these verses continue to tell of the intimacy that David enjoys with the Almighty. I am God’s possession, creation, son, and bondservant. To say “my God” is not to take possession of the Almighty as though I own Him, but rather say that I am His!

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David was assured that the Lord would control his life in the face of death and… He rejoiced because God enabled his body to rest securely… even when confronted with death.

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Join us this week as Pastor David Blevins shares from his heart on "What is a Disciple?"

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David reveals that if someone were to go into the presence of the Lord in Zion, they must be an obedient and righteous servant. The wicked and the hypocritical need not apply!

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Even though the unbelievers are not looking up, God is always looking over; And what is He watching for? Our hearts cry!

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We all go through suffering in this world. In times of suffering we can be comforted that we are not alone. God is faithful, not just to provide comfort, but assurance that we can rejoice in Him because He has dealt bountifully with us.”

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Often people struggle with their faith because hope was placed somewhere it was never meant to be. We try to attach God’s perfect name to some idea that we did not find in scripture. If we did not find it in scripture we have twisted it to grant us worldly pleasure or desires. What we can be assured of is the Lord's faithfulness and love for us. 

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This invitation is not just one of salvation, but it is a daily invitation to know the person of Jesus. Not just daily, but moment to moment; To know Jesus and learn from Him. To witness His humility and gentleness. It is a shame that this invitation so often goes unanswered not just in salvation but in the daily lives of Christians.

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This part of the Jesus story is probably the best Incorrectly known part of the entire Bible. The Bible does not mention that they were kings, or that they made it to the manger scene, or that there were only three of them. So, all of this begs the question: Who were these guys? And why were they looking for a Jewish king?

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For us to find trust in the faithfulness of God for today and tomorrow we must look to the evidence of His faithfulness in the past. He who has proven Himself faithful will continue to prove Himself faithful. Mary here grants us an example of the proper posture of the heart when facing things far above and beyond our strength. 

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Try this Christmas to make every ornament, every tree, every song, a reminder and encouragement that your God is faithful and true to bless you and protect you.

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Today’s message is a very simple point, and that’s the danger often we stumble over “The too simple” ... such as God loves you!

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The reason society follows image is, it truly believes there is nothing else, nothing more important or more powerful than their “gods”. The sooner any of us realize who it is we will have to answer too, the better our lives will get! The less we will focus on image, and the more we focus on our creator.

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Join us this week as Esther and Brad McDaniel share about taking care of our Keiki. 

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To be at peace in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, a christian only needs to be reminded that God’s moral order and kingdom are not of this world, and cannot be overthrown!

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