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Are we law driven or love driven? Be a fountain and not a drain - love people and the rest will come. God didn't put the law in place expecting you to be able to follow it; he put it in place to show you that you can't and you need a savior.

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Are we law driven or love driven? Law leads to rebellion while love leads to a relationship. Love is the ultimate core of Christian spirituality. Let us love and see how God moves.

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The church is the fellowship of the progressing, not the perfect; there will be conflict. In times of conflict, how do we respond? Are we focused on our honor or honoring God with our discussion? It's important to remember that we could be wrong.

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What's dividing us in the church today? Let's discuss it and move past it as one body of Christ, saved through faith. Do not forget what is essential in our faith and let's focus on inviting the lost, the hurting, and the outcasts into the body of believers.

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Are you mimicking Christianity or magnifying God in your life? Men: are you being strong leaders for you family?

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Jews come from Antioch and Iconium to stone Paul, dragging him out of the city. He is left there, presumed dead, but gets up and walks back into the city to preach the Gospel. Just days before they were worshipping Paul and Barnabas, but people are fickle. Preach the Gospel anyways; don't be fazed by their rejection of the truth. 

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Paul and Barnabas heal a crippled man, earning recognition for their deeds as being gods in the likeness of men. The people of Lystra offer sacrifices to them, but Paul and Barnabas quickly give glory to where glory is due: to the one true God. Are we doing our part in proclaiming the glories and wonders of the Lord?

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Are we living our lives in a way that reflects what it means to be a follower of Christ? Do we close ourselves off from spreading the gospel when faced with rejection of the Word of God, or do we keep pushing on? Join us as we talk about the importance of being sober in mind and spirit.

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How do you raise a child in a world that is constantly criticizing parenting styles? Listen as we dive into 4 Godly mother's within the Bible.

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Do you know your history on the foundations of America and how the principles of God are intertwined?

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Are we dusting our feet or washing the feet of others?  Are light is shining are we looking for those that want to know more about Jesus or are we arguing with people?


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Paul continues his sermon at the synagogue, focusing on prophesies that were fulfilled in Christ's coming, death, and resurrection.

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The tomb is still empty and Jesus is alive! The old testament prophesied of His coming even from Genesis. Are you able to lead people to Christ using only the Old Testament? Paul did. The work of God is just as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago.

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All other names fade in time and none have as great an impact as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

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Paul preaches at the synagogue about the prophecy of the Messiah - the Messiah they overlooked because He did not come in the fashion they thought He would: leading politically, economically, and militarily.

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Paul's missionary journey continues. Do you know your calling and are you being obedient to it?

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The events leading up to the prophecy of Jesus' Second Coming

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When Lewis and Clarke set off to find a water route across the North American continent, they did not expect to find mountains standing in their way. So often we don't expect mountains to stand in the way of our smooth sailing and we are only equipped for canoeing mountains instead of climbing them.

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The book of Acts is about the birth of the Bride and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We are called to be people of prayer, faith, the Word, people who do not seek our own glory, and people who are constantly being filled with the Holy Spirit.

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God's love is reliable, faithful, and requires our response.

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Lucy Wedemeyer shares the testimony of her late husband, Charlie Wedemeyer, and Dru Brown, shares of his continued legacy.

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As Paul & Barnabas set out to Cyprus on their missionary journey from God, they met a magician and a proconsul, who wanted to hear the Word of God from them. The magician however, tried to oppose them to keep the proconsul from the faith. But Paul, by the Holy Spirit, rebuked him and inflicted him with blindness. Sometimes we must first be blind in order to really see!

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Biblical investigator, Bob Cornuke, tells about his archaeological search for the four anchors from the shipwreck account in Acts 27.

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Biblical investigator, Bob Cornuke, tells about his archaeological search for the remains of Noah's Ark.

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Saul and Barnabas were set apart by the Holy Spirit to do the work that God called them to, and they went in obedience. Are we set apart for God? Do we know our calling? Like Saul and Barnabas, let's live like we're on a mission from God!

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Herod was struck by an angel of the Lord and was eaten by worms and died because he didn't give God His due glory. God doesn't need us to praise Him, but WE need to praise God, to keep us from the "worms" of anxiety, perversity, and negativity. So let's worship God and give Him the glory He deserves!

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God delivers Peter.  We will learn the power of satan, and the power of prayer.  Are we believing in prayer? Faith in the word of God will give you peace.  Are we trusting in Gods promises? 

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In order to have new beginnings, we need to have a new attitude. Let's break our attitude of entitlement, since the only thing we deserve is death. When we see everything as a gift, we will have more gratitude, more joy, and more love! 

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2017 will be a year of "New Beginnings" - a new self, a new heart and a new song! Let the old things pass away, behold all things become new!

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Christmas is a time to celebrate when Love came down - when Jesus came to Rescue, Recover, and Reconnect us by giving us the gift of Himself. He wants us to rest in His work... "God rest ye merry gentlemen". Is there room in your "INN-er" heart for Jesus?

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As we give Jesus our trust, make Him first in our life, give what we value to His work, and bring other people to Him, we are giving Him gifts even more valuable than those the wise men brought. 

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There are two trees associated with Christmas - the Christmas tree and the family tree. Jesus chose to come through a messed up broken family so He can identify with us, and so we can identify with Him. Jesus came to die for us because we're family. That's what X-mas is all about - God so loved the world that He GAVE!

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The Truth about Christmas... A Biblical basis for modern-day Christmas traditions like the Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, and more!

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The best gift is one that we need, and Christmas is about understanding the need. Like Nicodemus, we must understand that we need to be born again to see that the Kingdom of God is a person (Jesus), a place (heaven), and a thing (His Reign).

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God communicates His love for us through value, use & maintenance!

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After Barnabas found Saul, they went and taught in Antioch. It was there that the disciples were first called "Christians" (little copies of Christ). It was also from Antioch that the Gentile Christians broke down walls with the Jewish Christians by demonstrating God's love and grace through their giving.

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The Holy Spirit repeats the message God gave Peter in chapter 10 - "What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy." But unfortunately, as we see then and now, tradition is sometimes the hardest thing to break. Let's have the heart of Peter and say, "...who was I that I could stand in God's way?"

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The Lord confirms to Peter that the gospel is for everyone, not just Jews. In obedience, he goes to Cornelius, preaches the good news of Jesus Christ, and witnesses the Holy Spirit fall upon the Gentiles. Like Peter, we need to let the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to interrupt our plans and thinking.

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After finding sickness in Lydda, Peter found sadness in Joppa. Healing both just as Jesus did.

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You are a Christian before a man, woman, race, etc. Saul wanted to preach to and reach the Jews, God wanted him to learn to love the Gentiles.

"It is better to have God molding you than you molding."

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Although Saul's heart and mind was to reach his Jewish brothers in Jerusalem, God called him to preach the Good News to the Gentiles. The churches were actually edified and multiplied when he left! The renowned apostle Paul had to spend his first years in ministry in obscurity for God to prepare him for his calling. Like Saul, let's not get discouraged in the wait, but trust God for the "bigger picture."

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As we see in Saul and Ananias' lives, obedience to the Lord isn't always easy, but it is always worth it. Saul had to sit in darkness for three days, while Ananias had to work through his fears with the Lord, but the course of history was changed when they both chose to trust in the Lord and answer the Lord's call. How about you?

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Saul was going down a "crooked" path as he persecuted Christians, but it was on a street called Straight: where he was gloriously converted and really began to pray; where he discovered God's will for his life; where he was filled with the Holy Spirit; where he openly identified himself with the Lord and His people; and where he became a living witness for the Lord. Are you on "Straight Street"? 

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"Chasing Chariots"

We learn from Philip that opportunities are found in the most unexpected places, are fleeting, and are prepared when following the voice of the Holy Spirit. Like Philip, let's be enthusiastic (full of God) for the ministry of Jesus! 

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When witnessing to our Muslim friends, we should start with common ground. Both the Bible and the Qur'an say that Jesus is the Messiah, the Word of God, & a spirit from God. Then let the Spirit of Truth guide them into all truth. Truth is no less true if it is found somewhere else than the Bible! 

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In the Bible, the land represents God's promises. He gave the Israelites the Promised Land not because of their righteousness, but because of His grace and faithfulness. God has already won the war, se we can fight the battles against the enemy from a position of victory!

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Jesus preaches the gospel by saying, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." It's time to re-think how we live, because there's a profound reality, right here at our fingertips. Jesus' Kingdom is available to all right now, but we must learn to operate from within in order to walk in it.

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Philip proclaimed Christ, while Simon boasted of himself. The people were amazed at Simon's magic, but they were converted to Christ by Philip's ministry. God is not to be used to build up ourselves. It's all about His Kingdom. Are we like Philip or Simon? Let's be missional minded!

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Abraham knew God was faithful to keep all of His promises, so he chose to believe God by faith even when he didn't know WHERE he was going, WHEN & HOW it was going to happen, and WHY it was asked of him. Let's follow father Abraham's example and live lives of radical faith in Jesus!

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Stephen's death brought about great persecution against the church in Jerusalem, which scattered the believers throughout Judea and Samaria, just as Jesus spoke of in Acts 1:8. However, as they kept talking about the God of glory, they saw the God of glory work miracles, which resulted in much rejoicing in spite of the persecution!

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As Stephen operated in God's grace and power, the Sanhedrin accused him of blasphemy  against Moses (the Law) & God. He responded by reminding them of their history, for which he was stoned to death. Yet even in his death, Stephen responded in love by the power of the Holy Spirit. How do we respond to persecution?

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ChangeMakers Accept God’s Call

Ephesians 2: 8 For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; 9 not as a result of works, that no one should boast. 10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

This passage teaches us that God Created us To Do Good Works, AND that HE has Already Prepared those Good Works For US.  

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And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they kept right on teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ. Acts 5:42 

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Peter and the apostles were so filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit that they could not stop sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, no matter how much they were persecuted. Evidence of the Holy Spirit is in the fruit. Nothing can stop the work of God. Will we be "fanatics" for Jesus too?

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Learn about the ancient art of having a life "rhythm" or rules (trellis) that will support your friendship with Jesus, so that like Daniel, you will know God in your everything!

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The purging of sin and hypocrisy in Ananias and Sapphira from the church, brought about purity, which allowed for God's power, which resulted in multitudes being saved and healed. The early church knew who God was. Do we? Will we be able to stand and say like the apostles, "We must obey God rather than men"?

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A deeper look into the lesson of Ananias and Sapphira teaches us: 1) That hypocrisy kills our witness, joy, peace and love  2) Satan always keeps his victims in the dark  3) When we sin, we invariable hurt others. Sin kills, but Jesus saves, loves, and lives! 

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When the early church was in one accord, with one heart & soul, stewarding and not owning their possessions, there was great power and abundant grace! A man named Joseph sold his property and and gave the money to the church; however, Ananias and Sapphira tried to do the same, but lied and withheld some money, which brought about their death. The Spirit gives, but the flesh takes...

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The Council of religious leaders tried to forbid Peter and John from speaking in the name of Jesus, but the apostles responded that they couldn't stop speaking about what they saw and heard. What about us? They depth of our friendship with Jesus will be revealed by our willingness to stand with Him in times of testing and trials. Let's remember that Jesus stood for us and still stands by us!

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Peter, John and the healed lame man were thrown into prison by the Sadducees for proclaiming the name of Jesus for healing and salvation, but thousands of bystanders believed and were saved! Sometimes bad things happen to good people... Are we going to be more concerned about rejection and suffering, than salvation? 

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After John and Peter healed the lame man at the Beautiful Gate, the people were amazed and began to congregate. Peter realized he had an opportunity to preach, so he gave the same as he did before - "Repent therefore and return, that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord." This is still the good news today: the Holy Spirit still brings the times of refreshing!

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John and Peter were led and empowered by the Holy Spirit to heal a man lame from birth, who immediately went to the House of God, leaping with praise and thanksgiving. We too, should leap and praise God when we truly understand that we are loved and forgiven by the power and authority of Jesus Christ!


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Jesus has and will fulfill all four cups of the Jewish Passover Seder. The cups of Sanctification, Judgment, Redemption, & Praise. Without judgment, there can be no redemption, but Jesus has redeemed us with His own blood. We, who believe in Jesus, can drink the cup of Redemption, because Jesus drank the cup of judgment that was ours.

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The primary purpose for the local church today is to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. We have 1. a ministry to God to be the praise of His glory 2. a ministry to believers & 3. a ministry to the world. Do you have a zeal for the House of God?

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After the people received the Word of God through Peter, about 3000 were convicted to repent and be baptized. These members of the first church were in unity and continually devoted themselves to 1. the apostles' teaching 2. fellowship 3. communion and 4. prayer. As a result, there was a sense of awe and many signs and wonders took place. What would happen if we had the same devotion and unity?

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Peter, a once coward fisherman who denied Jesus, now boldly proclaims the gospel to mockers by the power of the Holy Spirit. He gives us a great example of how to share our faith/testimony: 1. Proclamation 2. Explanation 3. Expiation (Change). 

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The believers received the gift of tongues when the Holy Spirit fell upon them at Pentecost, and they began speaking of the mighty deeds of God in other languages. Some were amazed while others mocked. We too, will be mocked for our faith, but like Peter, we can respond in boldness by being filled with the knowledge of our forgiveness and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

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"The Day of Epi" - God pours out His Holy Spirit upon the believers on the day of Pentecost (the Jewish feast of Shavuot) while they were waiting together in unity. God wants us to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit so we can live in power and freedom to love and proclaim Jesus boldly! 

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FREEDOM!!! It's the whole purpose of Easter. God doesn't practice random senseless acts of suffering. He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on a cross & raise from the grave so He could set us free from our bondage to sin because He loves us. So let's celebrate Easter by surrendering our slavery and taking up our freedom in Jesus!

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As the disciples waited in the Upper Room as Jesus instructed, they all had unity, prayerfulness & expectancy, but did not have a twelfth disciple. Both Peter and Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus, but Judas chose to hang himself instead of "hanging" around like Peter to receive Jesus' love & forgiveness.

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Bob Cornuke challenges believers to test everything, including tradition, against the infallible Word of God as he shares his archaeological findings on the location of Mt. Sinai.

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We, as believers, are blessed with the love of God and the power of His Holy Spirit. But it shouldn't be kept to ourselves. It should compel us to share the love of God with a world that desperately needs it. 

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The main purpose of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is to know the love of God and to be filled to all fulness with Him so that we can be effective witnesses! The Holy Spirit is primarily concerned with character (inner holiness) first, so that we can then know how to properly use the gifts He gives to point others to Jesus, not us.

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Part 2 of the second most important message of Christianity after salvation. Every Christian should know WHO & WHAT the baptism of the Holy Spirit if for, and HOW to be filled with Him. Evidence of the Holy Spirit is unconditional love & boldness...

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Part 1 of the second most important sermon of Christianity after salvation...abundant life! We can't follow God's commandments in our own strength. We need help! Jesus is our first helper, but the Holy Spirit is our second. Let's make ourselves available for God to work through us by the power of the Holy Spirit!

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The book of Acts is all about "action"! The divine order, modeled by Jesus, is to do first, then teach. He didn't just preach theory, He lived incarnationally. He also ordered those that were His, to wait for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, because that's where the power for action comes from!

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The Salvation Army is much more than just Christmas collection boxes and thrift stores. They are about saving souls, growing saints, and serving suffering humanity. Their work is evident in the abundant fruit of their ministries around the world. They are being the church (in action)... Are you?

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"The Birth of the Church"

The early church experienced rapid growth because they had 1) A divine person they were loyal to, 2) A divine program to follow, 3) A divine promise to sustain them and 4) Personnel (apostles/disciples).

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The who, what, where, when, why & how of the book of Acts. 

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God often "interrupts" our lives, bringing us to an intersection where we need to make a decision. He trusts us to take His ministry to the world (the poor, the blind, the captive). Will we trust Him? Let's choose to step into heaven's plan!

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Colossians 3:15-17

No Recession on Intercession!!!

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Our scripture and theme for 2016 comes from Colossians 3, which encourages us to seek the things above (not on earth), and be bonded in love. It's holiness that brings the happiness that lasts!

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For God so loved the world that He gave the gift of Jesus to reconcile the world to Himself. Merry Christmas!

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God gives us the promise of New Life, Abundant Life, and Eternal Life! He is faithful, so let's trust in Him and not settle for anything less.

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The Christmas story shows us that God has a plan and we are in that plan. Mary represents God's promise of Messiah. "Do not be afraid to take Mary...", all the Father has planned for you. God gave us the gift of salvation, and the batteries were included - Immanuel, "God with us"!

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this si a test

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We see God's promise for final and complete restoration for Israel and all that are His. What we know or think we know affects what we understand or perceive to be "truth". What do you know? As believers, we should know that our Lord is the only God and that we are saved by His Son, Jesus!

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Joel describes the day of the Lord when God will judge the nations!  What are we doing to prepare? 

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Before the Lord returns, He will pour out His Spirit on all mankind and cause a spiritual revival on earth. True revival starts within and calls us to genuine repentance. Let's reflect on the restoration that God has done in us. What are we doing with His promises of salvation, the Holy Spirit & abundant life?

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The Lord is telling His people not to fear, to rejoice, and be glad because He is bringing about restoration - the grain, new wine & oil, which all point to Jesus, the ultimate restoration! The blessing of restoration is the people of God knowing who God is. Do you know Him?  

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God's intention for the "cross" is a ministry of reconciliation. It displays God's sovereignty, justice, and mercy. Have you been reconciled to your Maker? If so, you are called to be an ambassador for Him here on earth! 

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In Mark 8, Jesus asked His disciples two questions: 1) Who do people say I am? 2) Who do YOU say I am? Our answer to the second question will impact every aspect of our lives. Are we living with a purpose in love where God is leading us? Let's make sure we know Jesus so we can fulfill our potential in Christ!

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In the Jewish custom of the "Adoption of Sons", upon the son's "graduation", the father gives his son his name, which meant that he could act in the power and authority of his father. At His baptism, Jesus was called the Son of God. Every human has the opportunity to be adopted by God and receive the same inheritance as Jesus. Have you been adopted by God?

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Joel warns the Israelites of "The Day of the Lord" which refers to a future time when God will pour out His wrath on the nations because of their sins against Him and His people. It is a call to repentance so that God can deliver His people and restore their land. Let's choose genuine repentance in our own lives so that God can restore us too!

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One of the greatest temptations Christians face is to avert our eyes from the person of Jesus and place them on the things of Jesus - His doctrine, His people, His word, His mission. This is a great temptation because there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these things. In fact, without serious attention to them we could not be His disciples. They are essential. 

The fallacy that trips us up is our focus on these things as objective apart from living fellowship with the person of Jesus. We end up with zeal for a cause, but no fellowship with the spirit behind the cause. Jesus doesn't call His disciples by saying "Follow My teachings," or "Follow My example," or "Follow My reasoning." It is always personal. "Follow Me."

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God's judgment on Israel through the locusts brought complete devastation. Even the priests were mourning because the grain and drink offerings required to worship the Lord were gone. As believers, we are the priesthood. Joel challenges us to ask ourselves, do we have "what it takes" to worship? Let God's judgment, cause repentance, so He can bring restoration! 

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As followers of Christ, we MUST forgive. It is a command from God because it is so crucial to our own well-being and relationship with the Lord. But the only way we are able to forgive is if we first receive God's love & forgiveness for ourselves. 

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The Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God ("Imago Dei"). President of Operation Rescue, Troy Newman, reminds us that God is pro-choice, but anti-abortion. Don't let the enemy steal your money, kill your baby, and destroy your life through the lie of abortion. Let's join with Operation Rescue as they resist the enemy in their fight to shut down abortion clinics across the nation and instead choose life!

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As we take a look into the prophet Joel and his ministry, his message from the Lord was for judgment, repentance, and bringing us into restoration. Let's learn how to apply this to our lives today!

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Comedian Nazareth encourages us to share our faith with others by remembering 1) the Holy Spirit is the same yesterday, today & forever; 2) the Word of God is a powerful double-edged sword; and 3) God desires for ALL to come to know Him and be saved.

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