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Nov 23, 2014

A recap and continuation of Chapter 17 of Revelation, in which we see God's judgment on "religious Babylon"...

We are all religious and have a "god." The question is WHO?

Nov 16, 2014

Chapter 17 reveals God's judgment on religious Babylon. The last days religion will exalt humanity and minimize God. Let's make sure we are the Lord's called, chosen and faithful.

Nov 9, 2014

The final two bowls are poured out on the Euphrates River and the air, respectively. The seventh angel cries out, "It is done!", signifying victory - the completion of judgment, and the end of injustice, hallelujah!

Nov 2, 2014

In this psalm, King David proclaims God's character and all that we have in Him - relationship, supply, rest, refreshment, healing, guidance, purpose, testing, protection, faithfulness, discipline, hope, consecration, abundance, blessing, security, & eternity. He truly is our Good Shepherd!