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Live Celebrations Saturdays 5PM HST & Sundays 8AM HST 10:30 AM HST Waxer Tipton invites you to join One Love Ministries in Honolulu Hawaii - Live Now. If your ever in town come visit us. We are located on the Island of Oahu in the Kaka’ako area. For more information about One Love Ministries

Sep 27, 2023

In the middle of all of history, is Jesus’ death. It is not the fallback plan, it is the plan, the very anchor point which all human history orbits. His life, death and resurrection are the focal point of our entire story… it is the lens through which we should see the entire lived human experience, including pain...

Sep 20, 2023

This picture is meant to be violent. Those who stand as enemies of God need to understand the reality of what that means so that they will no longer stand as enemies but surrender to this King who provides all things to His people.

Sep 13, 2023

If it seems like your prayers aren’t being heard - it May be due to Unconfessed sin; - it’s not that God is mad at you, No - He Loves You So Much that - If you are Walking Contrary to His Will - He will be Silent… In Order That you might Begin to Ask God to “Search your heart” and see where you have some...

Sep 6, 2023

When you don’t see results in your prayers, first come before the Lord and ask Him to help you take inventory of self. Come knowing that He loves you and has plans to prosper you and not to harm you!