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Chapt. 16 describes the work of the Holy Spirit, the plan of the Father, and the response of the believer. Jesus reminds us of the things He has given to keep us from stumbling, that we may have peace: a principle to hold on to, a power to plug into, & a position to claim.

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God see us. He has chosen & appointed us to go and bear fruit! The ultimate fruit of an apple is an orchard. Let's start our own orchard...

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The book of Ruth is a love story of God's redemptive nature. In chapter 1, Elimelech moves his family from Bethlehem to Moab due to a famine. There, he and his two sons die. His wife, Naomi and her daughter-in-law, Ruth return to Bethlehem during Passover. What will we do, where will we go during "dry" times?

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Ruth gleans in the field of Boaz, who turns out to be Naomi's kinsman redeemer. Boaz provides abundantly for Ruth & Naomi and is a picture of Jesus, our ultimate kinsman Redeemer! 

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Jesus knows the impossibility of His command to lay down our lives for each other. The only way to do so is with the help of the Holy Spirit. The strength of our flesh will never produce the fruit of the Spirit because it's the VINE that bears the fruit. 

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Do not fret (hold onto anger), just "roll with it"! Fretting is one of the primary weapons of the enemy to gain a stronghold over us. Trust in the Lord, He will vindicate us!

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Jesus commands us to love each other as He has loved laying down our life (i.e., living sacrificially) for others. We will also be hated by the world as Jesus was hated.  

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