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The Bible commands us to be disciples and make disciples. But discipleship is costly... it costs everything! Are you going and making or staying and taking? Let's not be consumer Christians. Let's be true disciples who say, "Jesus paid it all and I am willing to give all in return."

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James tells us that those who persevere under trial and temptation will be blessed and receive the crown of life. He also gives the source of, steps into, and solution for temptation. Let's take his advice, choose obedience to the Lord, and be blessed of and by God!

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John's letter was written to his adopted mother Mary to encourage her 1) by being warned of false teachers, but that the truth of Jesus will protect her; 2) to keep loving God and others; and 3) that God loves her in truth... And so it is for us!   

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We all have baggage from hurts, hang-ups and/or habits, but Celebrate Recovery is a ministry where you can feel safe to be encouraged by other believers to find healing and freedom in Christ!

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