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James tells us that God will give us wisdom generously if we ask in faith without doubting. He will answer through His Word, His people, and upon our hearts. Asking in faith means that we can ask the question, but we don't need an answer because we know we have God and He has us! Have we let go and let God, "god"?

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"Suffering ceases to be suffering when it finds meaning." James reminds us that we are to be joyful in (not for) our trials because their purpose is to produce maturity and completion in us. James was the Lord's bondservant... Are you?

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James' point is that Biblical faith "works". He is calling believers to ethical living. James' teaching doesn't contradict, but compliments Paul's teaching on salvation. Paul stressed inner saving faith, whereas James stressed outward serving faith. Together, they present the full dimension of faith in Jesus Christ!

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Happy Resurrection Sunday! He is Risen! So what does that mean???

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