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The most overlooked members of the Christmas story were the angels. But throughout scripture, we see that they got to play the best parts. The angels of the Lord got to tell everyone the Great News of Jesus! We have been given the same privilege, so let's be like the angels and spread the Good News that Jesus is alive!

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Christmas is not just about the Child, but more importantly, the love of the Father. Immanuel means "God with us". Have we emabraced it? Received it? Does our life reflect that truth? All God wants is our heart. Let's give Jesus ALL of us this Christmas!

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The Truth about Christmas... A Biblical basis for modern-day Christmas traditions like the Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, and more!

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"The Curse of Compromise"...

Jesus commended the church of Pergamum for having a strong "front door", but condemned them for letting Satan come through the "back door" (i.e., compromise). Where are the weak spots in our life? Do we want to receive the curse of compromise or the white stone of acceptance? Life has many choices. Eternity has only two. Let's choose wisely!

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Daniel's second vision...

Like Daniel, we as Christians should be confident that God will never leave us or forsake us, that He has a plan to prosper and not to harm us, that God is great, that God is in control even when we don't fully understand, and to get back up and go about the King's business. 

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Daniel's vision of the three beasts...

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The heart and soul of One Love Ministries... Our four pillars, our basic principles, our calling, & our core values. There is a place and a need for every person. Are you knocking on the door of opportunity to serve God?

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