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In chapter 4, James tells us that inner conflict is a result of a jealous, selfish spirit and concludes by saying that sin is anything contrary to God's will. The whole Law is summed up in one word... Love. Thank God that He loves us and sent Jesus to fulfill the Law! Let's not take that love for granted.

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An overview of prophetic signs in the Bible of Jesus' second coming.

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James teaches us that the source of our quarrels and conflicts is the selfishness in our own hearts. We can't love the world and God at the same time. God wants all of us. Let's humble ourselves in the presence of God so that He can reign in our hearts!

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Another measure of spiritual maturity is the believer's speech. James reminds us of the power of the tongue! It is the most vile weapon on earth and can defile our entire testimony. What is your tongue making? Let's be peacemakers! 

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James tells us that "workless faith" is worthless faith! Genuine faith is accompanied by good works. James was simply arguing for the proof of faith, while Paul argued for the priority of faith (i.e., validation vs. salvation). Obedience is the proof of our salvation!

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