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The Great Suggestion or the Great Commission? Why does God give us the charge to go and make disciples?

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Paul and Silas are being followed by a woman with an unclean spirit living inside her. After days and much grief, Paul tells the spirit to come out of her. Everyone serves a master. Who are you serving today?

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Paul, Silas, and Timothy are on their way to spread the gospel, but the Holy Spirit keeps them from sharing the word in Asia. He had other plans for them. In a vision, Paul sees a man in Macedonia requesting help. They travel to Macedonia where they meet Lydia who accepts Christ and opens her home to the travelers. Have we surrendered fully to the will of God? Or are we caught up in our own thoughts of how situations should play out?

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Paul meets Timothy, the son of a Jewish mother and Greek father. He takes him under his wing to reach the Jews. Who have we taken under our wing? Are we discipling someone younger in the faith than us? We are commanded to go and make disciples. 

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