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A recap and continuation of Chapter 17 of Revelation, in which we see God's judgment on "religious Babylon"...

We are all religious and have a "god." The question is WHO?

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Chapter 17 reveals God's judgment on religious Babylon. The last days religion will exalt humanity and minimize God. Let's make sure we are the Lord's called, chosen and faithful.

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The final two bowls are poured out on the Euphrates River and the air, respectively. The seventh angel cries out, "It is done!", signifying victory - the completion of judgment, and the end of injustice, hallelujah!

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In this psalm, King David proclaims God's character and all that we have in Him - relationship, supply, rest, refreshment, healing, guidance, purpose, testing, protection, faithfulness, discipline, hope, consecration, abundance, blessing, security, & eternity. He truly is our Good Shepherd!

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