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The finishing of Chapter 11, where we were introduced to the third woe and the seventh trumpet.  This will begin a several chapter description of the bowls of wrath.  Why must this wrath come and whom is it for?  What should we know and do with this information? 

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Happy Father's Day

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John is told to mesure the Temple. Measuring conotates ownership. God cares deeply about what is His. Are we His? Do we care about what is His? Then the two witnesses are sent to earth for 3 1/2 years, killed, and resurrected. A witness is not just something we do, it is something we are. Let's be witnesses here on earth until Jesus returns!

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John fell to the ground as a dead man at the revelation of Jesus Christ. If we had seen John's revelation, how would our lives be different? Revelation is for the changing of our lives. Hearing God is to believe what He has spoken and to live in obedience. The revelation of Jesus should ruin us for sinning! What is the Lord revealing in your life?

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