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We see another pause before the seventh trumpet is blown. The day of judgment has finally come. Just as the scroll that John was given to eat was sweet in his mouth but bitter in his stomach, the Word of God should bring both conviction (for ourselves) & compassion (for the lost). How much do we have to hate someone to not share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them?

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Samy Tanagho shares more in depth about how to use his book to first make a connection with Muslims in order to ultimately share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some question and answer time included. 

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God's judgment upon the earth continues as the 5th & 6th trumpets are sounded. Satan opens the abyss to unleash a swarm of "locusts" to torment those without the seal of God. Then four demonic angels are released to kill a third of those left on the earth. However those that were left did not repent of their immoraility and idolatry. Let's repent now and be spared of having to endure these plagues! 

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God loves all people, including Muslims, but it is often difficult for Christians to witness to them because of the cultural differences. Muslims are God-conscience, but scared of God. They are the fastest growing population on the earth and are ripe for the gospel, so let's ask God how He wants to use us to love and share Jesus with them!

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The opening of the seventh seal signals the sounding of the seven trumpets, bringing destruction upon a third of creation. This is the Lord's direct response to the saints' cry, "How long, O Lord...?". Retribution will finally be made against those who reject God's love and choose evil. 

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