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Live as the Lord has called you. Do not compromise to live like the wicked when you see them prospering, but rather commit your way to Yahweh who sees all and judges according to His righteousness!

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The words of the ungodly are untrustworthy! This is not just a warning about others, but also servers as a warning for your own judgment, plans, pursuits, and opinions when your heart has drifted far from God.

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Loving our enemies is not the same as tolerating our enemies' existence. To love them is to bless them and to mourn with them!

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A legalist wants to debate the rules; but the point wasn’t which rules were the correct rules; the point was the basic way to approach God. We emphasize that it is based not on what we do for Him, but it is based on what He has done for us in Jesus Christ!

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If we desire good lives, it is not found in fulfilling our dreams, gaining respect, or becoming celebrities. Rather, it is found in a life lived in the fear of the Lord for there is found wisdom!

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