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Aquila and Priscilla come across Apollos preaching the truths of the death and resurrection of Jesus. He has a thriving ministry, but is still missing something. They come alongside him and teach him the rest of the story. 

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Paul, still in Corinth, is conspired against by the unbelieving Jews. He is accused of starting a new religion and is brought before the proconsul, Gallio. Gallio sees Christianity as just another sect of Judaism, thus validating Christianity. 

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Paul heads to Corinth - the Sin City of Bible times. He is comforted by the Lord to continue evangelizing even though his message is not always well received. 

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Last year, our theme was new beginnings. And we saw a lot of them. But after every new beginning, you must take your next steps. What do these "Next Steps" look like for our church?

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As we enter into the new year, we must look forward and quit focusing behind us.

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