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Philip proclaimed Christ, while Simon boasted of himself. The people were amazed at Simon's magic, but they were converted to Christ by Philip's ministry. God is not to be used to build up ourselves. It's all about His Kingdom. Are we like Philip or Simon? Let's be missional minded!

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Abraham knew God was faithful to keep all of His promises, so he chose to believe God by faith even when he didn't know WHERE he was going, WHEN & HOW it was going to happen, and WHY it was asked of him. Let's follow father Abraham's example and live lives of radical faith in Jesus!

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Stephen's death brought about great persecution against the church in Jerusalem, which scattered the believers throughout Judea and Samaria, just as Jesus spoke of in Acts 1:8. However, as they kept talking about the God of glory, they saw the God of glory work miracles, which resulted in much rejoicing in spite of the persecution!

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As Stephen operated in God's grace and power, the Sanhedrin accused him of blasphemy  against Moses (the Law) & God. He responded by reminding them of their history, for which he was stoned to death. Yet even in his death, Stephen responded in love by the power of the Holy Spirit. How do we respond to persecution?

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