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The plan and purpose of Jesus is discipleship. It was His last spoken commandment here on earth. Discipleship is God's model of ministry. Do you have a disciple? Are you being discipled? Let's obey our Lord's Great Commandment!

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Our theme for 2013 is "No In-between in 2013"! What does that mean? It means no compromise. How do we achieve that? By devoting our hearts and souls to seeking the Lord, by spending time alone with God and allowing Him to create clean hearts in us, which will renew steadfast spirits.

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Once again, King Saul becomes jealous of David and sets out to kill him. But God protects him through Jonathan, who risks his own life to protect David. Let's not have a "Saul mentality" by harboring hate and unforgiveness in our heart and "hurling spears" at others, because we will end up hurting those we love.

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Paul continues his arguement for the need of a true and simple gospel. He reemphasizes that we are justified by faith alone and nothing else. 

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As David gained favor with the people, King Saul grew more & more jealous. Saul had a spear (an instrument of war) in his hand, while David had a harp (an instrument of worship). What's in your hand? What do you do when the spears are thrown at you? Let's follow David's example and fill ourselves with worship and peace.

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As we start the New Year, let's live an invested life by listening to the call of Jesus, which is to go out and make disciples. Who's investing in you? Who are you investing in?

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"No in-between in 2013 - 1 Chronicles 22:19

Let's begin each day by asking God:

1. Lord how can I love You today?

2. What act of worship can I do?

3. What words can I utter that will honor and bless You?

4. What act of service can I do to represent Your love?

5. How will Your spirit inspire me to pray today?

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Focusing on knowing (intimate companionship & communion with) Jesus will bring clarity, purpose, direction and blessing to how we live and what we do in 2013.

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