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God's judgment on Israel through the locusts brought complete devastation. Even the priests were mourning because the grain and drink offerings required to worship the Lord were gone. As believers, we are the priesthood. Joel challenges us to ask ourselves, do we have "what it takes" to worship? Let God's judgment, cause repentance, so He can bring restoration! 

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As followers of Christ, we MUST forgive. It is a command from God because it is so crucial to our own well-being and relationship with the Lord. But the only way we are able to forgive is if we first receive God's love & forgiveness for ourselves. 

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The Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God ("Imago Dei"). President of Operation Rescue, Troy Newman, reminds us that God is pro-choice, but anti-abortion. Don't let the enemy steal your money, kill your baby, and destroy your life through the lie of abortion. Let's join with Operation Rescue as they resist the enemy in their fight to shut down abortion clinics across the nation and instead choose life!

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As we take a look into the prophet Joel and his ministry, his message from the Lord was for judgment, repentance, and bringing us into restoration. Let's learn how to apply this to our lives today!

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