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Our theme for 2015 is "Be the Bride"...don't just go to church, BE the church! This means to be disciples as Jesus described a disciple to be. Let's join God on His mission to: 1. seek & save the lost, 2. preach the Word, 3. have abundant life, 4. make disciples. 

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Christmas is about the reminder of Immanuel, God with us & for us! There was no room in the inn on that first Christmas... Do YOU have room for the Savior, do you seek Him anew? 

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The world was changed forevermore when Love was born. Christmas has lost its power because it's lost its meaning. It's all about that first gift - a simple gift of love, life & peace in Jesus Christ!

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The Truth about Christmas... A Biblical basis for modern-day Christmas traditions like the Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, and more!

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The Old Testament (Tanach) understanding of the Tabernacle is the tangible and visible manifestation of God's presence. The apostle John reveals to the world that the Tabernacle is Jesus! 

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The judgment of political and economic Babylon will cause the people to mourn over the loss of material goods. Don't be deceived. What are your priorities and values? Are you the richest person in your community according to God's economy? Let's stop trying so hard to fit in when we were born again to stand out!

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