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Join us for an Old Fashioned Christmas.

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We are overloaded with activity, change, choice, commitment, debt, decision, fatigue, hurry, media, people, traffic, work, information, and more. We have surge protectors so our electronics don't get overloaded, how about a surge protector for your life?

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God uses even the most unbiblical people to share his gospel message. O Holy Night is rich with biblical truths that explore God's love, anger, and friendship.

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Join us as we explore the hymn "Angels From the Realms of Glory." We learn that the baby Jesus will rise to become God and fill his throne as the three-in-one. Because of Jesus, the doomed sinner can have their death sentence revoked and our chains broken through salvation and penitent worship.

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Joy to the world the Lord has come! This popular Christmas song is taken directly from the scriptures in Psalm 98 and Genesis 3.

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Paul encounters raging seas, but continues to listen to the voice of the Lord directing his moves. Storms come in life, but don't jump ship! Cut the ropes of temptation and sin and rely on Jesus!

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Paul's journey in Acts, chapter 27 starts by reminding us that we often fall into our own storms when we choose to follow the majority.

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This weekend we were blessed to hear Ravi Zacharias talk about authentic worship. We cannot worship our King without gratitude, reverence, sacrifice, and without purity of motive. 718540

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Pastor Duke brings us through the Book of Esther to remind us that even when it appears that the Lord is not mentioned, He has yet to be absent in the lives of those who love Him. The Book of Esther is confirmation of how the Lord and His people are to not be under estimated no matter how small an individual's role may seem.

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Paul is brought before King Agrippa and takes the time to share the gospel. When we are sharing the gospel, we should follow in Paul's example: Find the Common Ground, don’t try and rush, begin with personal testimony, define the context (NOT about me, but of a living God), practice what you preach, preach it straight (no side steppin’), give God ALL credit and glory, give the Gospel and an invitation, be released from results, and give that they are damned.

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Knowing the history of corrupt and unjust trials, Paul appeals to Caesar to hear his case. There is a plan. Despite our circumstances, God sees the whole picture.

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Paul is brought before Felix because of false accusations against him. But the only thing he claims to be guilty of is being a follower of The Way. We should be guilty of the following things: being a follower of The Way, believing in the scriptures, believing in the resurrection, and being faultless. Paul ends up spending the next two years sharing the gospel with Felix.

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A plot to take Paul's life is put into action, but overheard by Paul's nephew. Paul is then given 470 soldiers to escort him to Herod's beach house, where he spends the next two years getting some much needed R&R.

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Paul is standing before the council of Pharisees and Sadducees and brings up the topic of the resurrection, thus starting riot #3. The Lord stands by Paul and tells him to take courage. God has a plan even in the darkest hour.

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When you look down, you see darkness. When you look around, you see death. But when you look up, you see the greatness of God.

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Captain Zac brings us through Jeremiah and 2 Kings to see that there are consequences to rejecting God, hardening of hearts, fearing man [instead of God] and prideful rejection of repentance. Yet through God’s mercy we learn that He corrects those He loves to save them from themselves.

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How do you turn a relationship of slavery into a relationship of love?

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Are we held accountable for callings in our life that we did not heed?

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Much like a car can cruise behind a large semi and "draft" in the absence of wind, so we too can draft behind God. Following him closely. When rough weather hits, we will still feel the impacts, but God's presence makes it more bearable.

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Last week we uncovered the realities of hell, but this week we dive into the extremes Jesus went through to keep us from such a place.

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Hell is a real place, taught about in Luke 16 with the Rich Man and Lazarus. 

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The world defines success in a variety of ways, but how does God gauge our success?

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What does living a life full of faith look like?

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The past 3 weeks we've been shown the Greatest Commandment, now how do we walk in that?

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Now that we have learned what it looks like for God to love us and for us to love him, what does it mean to love our neighbor?

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What does loving God look like? God lays out what loving Him entails in Deuteronomy 6 in the Shemah

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Before we can look at what it means to love the Lord and others, we must first dive into what it looks like to be loved by God. His full display of love and wrath can clearly be seen in one place: the cross.

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Paul speaks out against the high priest after being unlawfully hit. We are reminded of a very similar scenario Jesus found himself in. Let us be like Jesus: clear, firm, and loving. Let God - God.

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Paul informs his captors that he is of Roman blood. We are reminded that God uses all things for his purpose and making His name known.

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Being disciplined by God does not mean that He doesn't love us. God shows his love for us in His discipline.

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Paul speaks in his defense. Are we prepared for when we are asked to speak? The best tool in sharing your faith is YOUR story.

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A mob seeks to take Paul's life and the believers in Jerusalem are silent. Paul is taken into custody and the question is raised: where is the church?

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Paul arrives in Jerusalem, but quickly learns that his name is being slandered by the believers. In an attempt to appeal to those slandering his name, he goes to the temple and cleanses himself.

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Paul leaves for Jerusalem despite other believers counseling him not to go, for Jerusalem would certainly bring about death. Even through disagreement, the believers see Paul off at the dock as he sets off towards his death.

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What are the 5 love languages and how does God communicate?

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With so many opinions and so much information, how do we know what is true anymore? Does it even matter who is right or wrong?

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The word of God's grace is able to build you up, give you an inheritance, and sanctify you.

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What role has faith played in forming our nation? Does faith really matter in a nation? Does faith really matter in our lives?

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God has prepared a specific redeemer who paid the ultimate price for our lives. Just as Boaz gave his life and redeemed Ruth, so Jesus gave his life to redeem us of our sins.

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Be on guard and watch out for the flock. Wolves are prowling around -- even inside the church.

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Paul writes, saying that bonds and afflictions await him. How can he be so calm about such trials? When you go through situations over and over again, the fear dwindles. Can we find joy in times of hardship?

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Easter SonRise 2018

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Come celebrate The Greatest Love!

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Did Christ's body get stolen from the grave? Did he ever resurrect? In Evidence For Easter Part 2, we dive in to some of the claims against our Christ. Learn the evidence behind the resurrection.

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What is the true meaning of Easter? Join us in Part 1 as we look at what God says in His word that disproves pagan claims against the true meaning of this day. 

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Join us as we continue through Acts chapter 20 to learn about Paul's obedience to serve the Lord with great humility

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Paul departs from Ephesus, encouraging the disciples before leaving. After much travel, Paul preaches in Troas into the wee hours of the night. Eutychus, sitting in the window sill, becomes overcome with sleepiness and falls from a third story window. How awake are we today?

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Once again, where Paul goes, a riot ensues. A silversmith, worried about a loss in profits gets frustrated with The Way taking away customers from buying his idols. An enraged crowd (many don't know why they're angry) fills a large theatre, dragging along Gaius and Aristarchus. Eventually they are quieted and Paul's disciples are released. 

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In 2 Timothy 4, Paul urges Timothy to be prepared to preach the gospel in season and out of season. He charges Timothy to be sober minded, to endure hardships, to evangelize, and to carry out his ministry. 3 of those 4 charges we can often get onboard with, but it's the "enduring hardships" we struggle with. Remember to put on the full armor of God and seal it with prayer. 

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God is working many miracles through Paul - so much so that even handkerchiefs that had touched his skin were being used to heal people. A group of men try to replicate God's work through Paul by casting out evil spirits in Jesus' name. One evil spirit leaps on them and overpowers them, causing them to flee naked and beaten. Our attempts at copying will always leave us naked, wounded, and battered.

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Paul returns to Ephesus and finds a group of believers who were baptized into the baptism of John, but are missing an important piece of the trinity. He teaches them about the power of the Holy Spirit. What are you baptized into? The baptism of sorry? Or the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

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Aquila and Priscilla come across Apollos preaching the truths of the death and resurrection of Jesus. He has a thriving ministry, but is still missing something. They come alongside him and teach him the rest of the story. 

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Paul, still in Corinth, is conspired against by the unbelieving Jews. He is accused of starting a new religion and is brought before the proconsul, Gallio. Gallio sees Christianity as just another sect of Judaism, thus validating Christianity. 

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Paul heads to Corinth - the Sin City of Bible times. He is comforted by the Lord to continue evangelizing even though his message is not always well received. 

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Last year, our theme was new beginnings. And we saw a lot of them. But after every new beginning, you must take your next steps. What do these "Next Steps" look like for our church?

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As we enter into the new year, we must look forward and quit focusing behind us.

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