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The ark was taken to Kiriath-jearim. When the Philistines attacked Israel, Samuel cried out to the Lord, and He defeated them. Learn about Godly discipline, true repentance (not just feeling sorry), and the barriers between you and God.

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Jesus bled from His heart on the cross. He ultimately died of a "broken heart". The cross is our "family tree". Jesus invites everyone to be a part of the Family of God.

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The Philistines return the Ark of God to Israel, but God strikes the Israelites with a great slaughter for looking into the Ark. They came to God on their own terms, but God has His own Word, will, & way. Have we lost the fear of the Lord? The blood of the Lamb is the only way we can receive mercy.

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There were three crosses on which 3 men were executed. One was of rebellion, one was of repentance, and one was of salvation. Jesus died for our sins. "It is finished!" His mission of redemption was complete. Jesus offers us full and complete salvation if we repent and believe.

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The Israelites are defeated by the Philistines and the Ark of the Covenant is taken. However, God will not be mocked, and He strikes them with tumors. God did not fail His people, religion did.

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In order to live a passionate Christian life, we MUST be passionate about Jesus. He MUST increase, I MUST decrease, and we MUST be born again!

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The Lord spoke to Samuel while he was ministering to Him in the temple. Are we ministering to the Lord? Are we willing to listen to His voice and obey?

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Although Pilate claims Jesus' innocence three times, he has Him scourged, hoping that drawing blood would appease the Jews. He took the scourging for our physical healing. Jesus was beaten before the bema so He could proclaim our innocence.

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