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King David sinned against the Lord by taking a census of the people of Israel. As a result, he had to choose from three forms of punishment for the entire nation. Out of fear of the Lord, he chose 3 days of pestilence. However, King David took this plague as an opportunity to repent, cleanse the people, and worship the Lord. 

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A letter of encouragement to the church of Smyrna, or the "persecuted church". The word "smyrna" literally means "myrrh". Like myrrh and Jesus, let's give off a fragrant aroma when we are crushed, because God cares more about our eternal state than our present comfort.

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Psalm 18 - A song of King David. He begins by exalting the Lord, then proclaims God's exploits, equity, justice, and exellence. God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and therefore we can trust Him!

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The second section of the Book of Revelation, "the things which are", begins with Jesus' letter/message to the chruch in Ephesus. He commends them for their works, labor, patience, discernment and perseverance, but condemns them for leaving their first love. He encourages them to remember, repeat, repent, and remove, so that they can receive their promise.

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Nehemiah demonstrates the importance and power of prayer. We learn the purpose of prayer is to align our will with God's will, and the model for prayer is Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, & Supplication. Let's pray and wait for the Lord's timing, so when He "pulls the trigger", we are ready for action!

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 John continues in his revelation of Jesus with the only description of Jesus given in the New Testament. In this passage we are reminded of God's view of His Church and that we ought to have a balanced view of Savior, Judge, Authority, Majesty, & Friend!

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40 years after King Saul's sin toward the Gibeonites, God inflicted a famine on Israel until King David made atonement by hanging 7 of Saul's grandsons. In this chapter, we learn: 1) There will always be "giants" 2) Dry times often come as a result of unresolved sin 3) There is both individual & national responsibility.

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Today we learned:

1. Grace & peace are given by Jesus Christ...Do you have them?

2. The work of God is perfect & complete

3. God is presently at work completing His plan for humanity...Jesus is coming! 

4. Like Jesus, we are called to be faithful witnesses of God

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