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The second beast, or the false prophet comes into the scene who will deceive the world spiritually. Our world is ripe for a global "savior" and religion (i.e., peace). Wisdom comes from God alone, so let's abide in Jesus so we are not deceived!

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All Christians suffer. You have, are, or will at some point. The current persecution of God's people around the world is a stark reminder that there is still a race to be run, that it's not without a plan or purpose, and that it must be run by faith for His name sake.

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The Youth Ministry Team teaches us about first being a living sacrifice for the Lord and being set apart from the world, then about using our unique gifts to glorify Him, and finally about being aligned with Christ. Are we dedicating our lives fully to God? What are our gifts, and are we using them the way God wants us to? If we call ourselves Christians, do we look like Jesus?

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God preserved the physical race (Jews) in order to bring spiritual grace (Yeshua) to the world. The fullness of the gracious God is realized through Yeshua. 

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World events have been unfolding at an alarming rate, just as our Messiah Yeshua said they would in the last days. So why is Israel so important in it all?

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