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As our nation gets further and further away from the Lord and the Constitution, let's be reminded of the great spiritual truths that America was founded on and the wisdom of our forefathers. We must not be silent, but do our part as citizens, which as the Bible tells us, is to humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and repent, so that God Almighty can heal our land and bring revival!

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James speaks to the hidden places of our heart as he reminds us that all sin is sin - there is no partiality in Jesus. God looks at our heart (motives) more than our outward appearance (actions). Let's show mercy as we have been shown mercy and love others, because Christ died for us all.

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James tells us that the characteristics of pure religion is self control, love for others, and clean living. Is there fruit in our lives? Let's learn it, know it, and live it!

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James tells us that true believers are doers, not just hearers of the Word of God. How is our receptivity, responsiveness, and resignation to His Word? Let's live it!

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Surf evangelist and Walking on Water founder, Bryan Jennings, reminds us that Jesus has called us to give up everything! Only when we lose our life, will we truly find it. Although we see unclearly now, we will see perfectly clear in eternity, so let's live by faith and not by sight.

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