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Paul and Silas, fresh out of prison, head to Thessalonica. There they preached in a synagogue and convinced many to follow Christ, but not everyone was onboard. Some of the Jews were jealous and formed a mob, getting Paul and Silas thrown out of town.

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After some rocking worship (literally), Paul and Silas are told they can leave the jail. Paul, however, finally reveals that he was whipped and beaten without trial and is a Roman citizen. What prompted Paul to keep this quiet until now when it could've been an easy get out of jail free card?

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Singing in the Reign.  We continue reading about Paul and Silas in prison, and how they chose to sing in the reign. Even though they were bound, their spirits were free! Have you found your song in that midnight hour? Have you put your hope in the Lord alone- do you fully depend on him?

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Today we continue in Acts 16, reading about Paul and Silas in prison. When you choose to follow Jesus, you’re going to get beaten up or beaten down. When faced with adversity- rejoice! Satan has been beaten back by the beaten back of Jesus. Know that God is at work using everything you’re going through for your growth and maturity.

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