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Joab used a wise woman from Tekoa to convince King David to elevate himself above God's Law and withhold disciplining his son Absalom. Although David pardoned Absalom, he didn't forgive him...the exact opposite of what God calls us to do. Let's learn from David's mistake and forgive as we have been forgiven!

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The fruit of the Spirit is a by-product of being rooted and grounded in Jesus. It's not something we do, but what we are when we walk by the Spirit. The best the flesh can give is temporary pleasure and success, but the Spirit brings fulfillment! 

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The power of Lust! Sin breeds sin. By doing nothing about Tamar's rape, King David created the scenario for the rest of the tragedy that followed. Discipline and Forgivness would have changed the entire outcome. Both were and still are needed. There is no weapon more powerful than forgiveness. Are we so thoroughly delighted in God's forgiveness of ourselves that we can freely give it away to others?

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Paul lists some of the obvious deeds the flesh and explains that if we habitually practice them, we will not inherit the Kingdom of God. The key is not what we remove (ourselves from), but what we fill ourselves with. If we fill ourselves with the Spirit of God, then we won't be able to fulfill the desires of our flesh. We will be known by our fruit. What's coming out of us when we are squeezed? 

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King David's son, Amnon, raped his half sister Tamar. We are all in a battle for our soul, and we each have our own "flavor" of sin. True love waits & gives, but lust takes and destroys. Lust is like a is never satisfied. Lust hurts the heart of God. Therefore, our call to action is to flee lust and pursue Jesus, because that's the only way we can overcome.

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Scripture infers that we will battle desires of our flesh for our entire earthly lives, but Paul says that if we walk by the Spirit, we will not carry out the desires of our flesh. The lust of the flesh is to serve self, but walking by the Spirit means to love/serve others. We can't do both. Which "dog" are you feeding today?

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God used Nathan, a friend, to convict King David of his sin. After true repentance, the Lord restored King David and blessed him beyond what he deserved, according to the Lord's lovingkindness. We, like David, aren't sinners because we sin, rather we sin because we are sinners. Clean hands and a pure heart are not natural, but only possible through Jesus.

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Jesus Christ has entrusted to us HIS heart to save the lost, endowing each of the beloved with gifts and abilities powered by the Holy Spirit. We are called to love HIM and love who HE loves. One day HE will return, but while HE's away..."Whatcha doin' with whatcha got?"

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