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Our theme for 2015 is "Be the Bride"...don't just go to church, BE the church! This means to be disciples as Jesus described a disciple to be. Let's join God on His mission to: 1. seek & save the lost, 2. preach the Word, 3. have abundant life, 4. make disciples. 

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Christmas is about the reminder of Immanuel, God with us & for us! There was no room in the inn on that first Christmas... Do YOU have room for the Savior, do you seek Him anew? 

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The world was changed forevermore when Love was born. Christmas has lost its power because it's lost its meaning. It's all about that first gift - a simple gift of love, life & peace in Jesus Christ!

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The Truth about Christmas... A Biblical basis for modern-day Christmas traditions like the Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, and more!

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The Old Testament (Tanach) understanding of the Tabernacle is the tangible and visible manifestation of God's presence. The apostle John reveals to the world that the Tabernacle is Jesus! 

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The judgment of political and economic Babylon will cause the people to mourn over the loss of material goods. Don't be deceived. What are your priorities and values? Are you the richest person in your community according to God's economy? Let's stop trying so hard to fit in when we were born again to stand out!

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A recap and continuation of Chapter 17 of Revelation, in which we see God's judgment on "religious Babylon"...

We are all religious and have a "god." The question is WHO?

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Chapter 17 reveals God's judgment on religious Babylon. The last days religion will exalt humanity and minimize God. Let's make sure we are the Lord's called, chosen and faithful.

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The final two bowls are poured out on the Euphrates River and the air, respectively. The seventh angel cries out, "It is done!", signifying victory - the completion of judgment, and the end of injustice, hallelujah!

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In this psalm, King David proclaims God's character and all that we have in Him - relationship, supply, rest, refreshment, healing, guidance, purpose, testing, protection, faithfulness, discipline, hope, consecration, abundance, blessing, security, & eternity. He truly is our Good Shepherd!

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We see God's final judgment upon the earth as God commands the seven angels to pour our the seven bowls of wrath upon humanity. This wrath will bring a horror on earth never seen before, but we don't need to be on around when this happens. Just as the Israelites were protected from God's judgment on Egypt, only the wicked will be destroyed, while His children are spared.

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This chapter is the introduction to the terrifying final judgment of God. We see sentencing angels and a worshiping multitude. God is both perfectly just and merciful. He has given everyone the opportunity through His Son Jesus to be spared from His wrath of judgment. Where do you stand today?

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John is now shown the reaping of two harvests that will occur in the last days. The harvest of wheat is one of distinction or separation, and the harvest of grapes is one of annihilation. Chapter 14 teaches us that 1) God will establish His Kingdom on earth in spite of Satan's opposition 2) those who reject the gospel of God's grace will face awful judgment 3) the nations of the world today are taking the path to Armageddon. So let's choose God's grace instead of His wrath!  

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As Christians, the only correct answer is, an adopted child of God!  We know that we are adopted if we have the life of God in us and are pursuing Him. And as adopted children, we are to live sanctified lives by being filled and led by the Holy Spirit.

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Jesus said, "It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick; I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners." How many of us know that we need a soul doctor? The great physician, Jesus Christ, is always available, will give us a perfect diagnosis (if we allow Him), has the complete cure, and even pays the bill! Only sick and broken people are invited... Are you invited to the banqueting table of Jesus? Will you accept His invitation?

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The eternal gospel is preached to all the inhabitants of the earth, so that no one will have an excuse. In these verses, the angels of God tell us what we are to do, what not to do, and what God will do. Are we fearing God, giving Him glory, & worshiping Him?    

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John sees Jesus standing on Mt. Zion with the 144,000 Jewish servants of God who were sealed with the Holy Spirit and were singing a new song. They are described as having purity, devotion, & character. Let's follow their example and live victoriously through our own "tribulations". 

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The second beast, or the false prophet comes into the scene who will deceive the world spiritually. Our world is ripe for a global "savior" and religion (i.e., peace). Wisdom comes from God alone, so let's abide in Jesus so we are not deceived!

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All Christians suffer. You have, are, or will at some point. The current persecution of God's people around the world is a stark reminder that there is still a race to be run, that it's not without a plan or purpose, and that it must be run by faith for His name sake.

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The Youth Ministry Team teaches us about first being a living sacrifice for the Lord and being set apart from the world, then about using our unique gifts to glorify Him, and finally about being aligned with Christ. Are we dedicating our lives fully to God? What are our gifts, and are we using them the way God wants us to? If we call ourselves Christians, do we look like Jesus?

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God preserved the physical race (Jews) in order to bring spiritual grace (Yeshua) to the world. The fullness of the gracious God is realized through Yeshua. 

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World events have been unfolding at an alarming rate, just as our Messiah Yeshua said they would in the last days. So why is Israel so important in it all?

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The beast is given authority by Satan to blaspheme God and His children in heaven and also to persecute the saints on earth. However, those whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life will worship him. Is your name in the Book of Life? If so, take heart... "(This) life is short. The Lord is in control. We're going to heaven! That's what this book is about!

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We learn about the beast that comes from the sea, the antichrist, the 2nd part of the unholy trinity. Satan is a deceiver and will always try to mimic the things of God, including His death & resurrection. However, the biggest difference is that Satan will let you die for him, whereas Jesus died for us! Don't be deceived, know the difference, and choose this day whom you will serve!

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We get a rare look at a war in heaven between Satan and the archangel Michael, in which Satan is ultimately kicked out of heaven...

Today we learned:  1. Satan is the accuser of the brethren; 2. if we are at odds with Satan, then we can overcome him with the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony, & by not loving our lives unto death; 3. when we accuse other saints, we are "satanizing" them; 4. we must never be found guilty of anti-Semitism; 5. there will be a time when all that is written will take place... Are we ready???

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"Enter the (red) dragon" - We are introduced to the first three symbolic characters of chapter 12: the woman = Israel, the red dragon = Satan, & the male child = Jesus Christ. Ever since Satan was kicked out of heaven, he has been warring against God ever since...and especially with the Jews since they are central to God's plan. Through the scriptures we see that Satan is not to be underestimated or overrated, but that God is large and in charge and has a plan!

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Maria Anne "Hansi" Hirschmann was born in Czechoslovakia, she was raised in a foster home and attended a Nazi school. Hansi Ministries, Inc. was founded in 1974 when the Lord spoke to her and told her to resign her job and go out to speak and write for Him. Come hear Hansi speak and share her amazing testimony from being a Nazi youth leader who was liberated and what it means to truly be free in Jesus. 

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The finishing of Chapter 11, where we were introduced to the third woe and the seventh trumpet.  This will begin a several chapter description of the bowls of wrath.  Why must this wrath come and whom is it for?  What should we know and do with this information? 

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Happy Father's Day

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John is told to mesure the Temple. Measuring conotates ownership. God cares deeply about what is His. Are we His? Do we care about what is His? Then the two witnesses are sent to earth for 3 1/2 years, killed, and resurrected. A witness is not just something we do, it is something we are. Let's be witnesses here on earth until Jesus returns!

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John fell to the ground as a dead man at the revelation of Jesus Christ. If we had seen John's revelation, how would our lives be different? Revelation is for the changing of our lives. Hearing God is to believe what He has spoken and to live in obedience. The revelation of Jesus should ruin us for sinning! What is the Lord revealing in your life?

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We see another pause before the seventh trumpet is blown. The day of judgment has finally come. Just as the scroll that John was given to eat was sweet in his mouth but bitter in his stomach, the Word of God should bring both conviction (for ourselves) & compassion (for the lost). How much do we have to hate someone to not share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them?

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Samy Tanagho shares more in depth about how to use his book to first make a connection with Muslims in order to ultimately share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some question and answer time included. 

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God's judgment upon the earth continues as the 5th & 6th trumpets are sounded. Satan opens the abyss to unleash a swarm of "locusts" to torment those without the seal of God. Then four demonic angels are released to kill a third of those left on the earth. However those that were left did not repent of their immoraility and idolatry. Let's repent now and be spared of having to endure these plagues! 

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God loves all people, including Muslims, but it is often difficult for Christians to witness to them because of the cultural differences. Muslims are God-conscience, but scared of God. They are the fastest growing population on the earth and are ripe for the gospel, so let's ask God how He wants to use us to love and share Jesus with them!

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The opening of the seventh seal signals the sounding of the seven trumpets, bringing destruction upon a third of creation. This is the Lord's direct response to the saints' cry, "How long, O Lord...?". Retribution will finally be made against those who reject God's love and choose evil. 

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Chapter 7 describes two groups of people: 1) 144,000 Jews 2) "Great Multitude" (Tribulation Saints) that will survive the Great Tribulation and enter into the Kingdom of God, where Jesus is on the throne and spreads His Tabernacle over them. Is Jesus on the throne of your life? Is He your covering today? Let's surrender all to Him!

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Luke 24:1-11 - "A Revelation of Unanswered Prayer"

The disciples asked for a miracle, for Jesus to be delivered, but their prayers seemed to go "unanswered" when He was crucified. They weren't expecting or praying for a resurrection, but the Lord was! Easter Sunday reveals the unexpected! What does God have in store for you that's unexpected? He is the God of the miraculous!

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"Bad News Bearers - Pt. 2"  

On Palm Sunday, Jesus' Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem, God was saying to the world, "This is my Lamb...will you choose Him?" But they did not recognize Him because they didn't know their Scriptures. Will the world today recognize Jesus and choose to be spared from God's wrath and judgment to come? Life has many choices, eternity has two...What's yours?

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God commanded the Israelites to keep appointed times (Feasts) in order to remember their past, but also to practice (rehearse) for the future! As modern-day believers in Yeshua (Jesus), we cannot KEEP Passover, but we have the freedom to CELEBRATE it because Yeshua fulfilled it.

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Chapter 6 marks the start of the Tribulation period as the first four seals are opened, bringing deception, war, famine & death. God is showing us the consequences ahead of time, so that we might choose life in Him and be spared of His judgment and wrath upon the earth. It's all about His love for us!

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What does the Bible mean when it says that we are the "Bride of Christ"? Discover the answer as you learn about how the ancient Jewish wedding ceremony parallels Yeshua and His bride, the Church!

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"The Power of Providence" - After the entire city of Nineveh repented, Jonah pouted to the Lord on a hill outside the city. Yet even in his stubborness, God provided for Jonah: a listening ear, supernatural character, blessings, trials, & most of all, Himself. And He provides for us too! Let's learn from Jonah and choose to trust God, follow His plans, and care what He cares about.

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"Worship His Majesty" - One of the two subthemes of chapter 5 is worship. Worship is a priority to God. It begins at the recognition of a completed action...the cross! True worship happens when we truly see the slain Lamb.

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"The Preaching of Penitence" 

Jonah finally went to Nineveh and spoke out against it according to what the Lord commanded him. Consequently, the great city believed in God and repented, and the Lord withheld His judgement upon them. We have all been called to preach the Gospel to our "Nineveh's"! What is your "great city"?

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"The Greatest Real Estate Deal in History"

John sees God sitting on His throne in heaven holding a scroll with seven seals (the title deed to the earth), which only Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah, the Root of David, the Lamb of God is worthy to open. Jesus, our kinsman redeemer & heir of creation, is about to redeem the earth back from Satan! 

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The Imprisoned Prayer

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More of the scene in heaven is revealed to John. He sees the four living creatures and the 24 elders all worshiping the Lord. The scene is set for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. True love doesn't come unprepared. Are we ready and waiting for Jesus our bridegroom?

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The Protesting Prophet...

God calls Jonah to preach revival to Ninevah, but he flees in the other direction and ends up in the belly of a great fish. Before we preach revival to others, we first need a revival in our own hearts. Are we going to trust God enough to be obedient, or are we only looking for the easy way out? The Lord loves us enough to break the "ship" that we are using to run from Him.

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John is taken to heaven in the Spirit and sees God the Father on the Throne of Judgement with the 7 Spirits of God, 4 living creatures & 24 elders around Him. Are we walking in the Spirit or in our flesh? Let's be in the Spirit like John and receive revelations from the Lord!

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Daniel is told of the time of the Great Tribulation yet to come. Although he is troubled and doesn't understand all that was revealed to him, he is instructed to conceal the matter and not worry about it. Like Daniel, we musn't worry about the future and things we don't understand, but focus on the ministry that God has us in right now.

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Some of the "Signs of Life" Jesus looks for in a church (and us as His body) are 1. responsiveness to the Spirit of God 2. exciting, expressive & reverential worship 3. emphasis on prayer 4. spiritually anointed leaders 5. atmosphere of excitement & expectation 6. not afraid 7. growing 8. passion for God, His Word & is doctrinally sound 9. generous 10. members who see themselves as ministers. Let's check our pulse!

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Daniel is given troubling prophecy of the antichrist yet to come during the Tribulation Period. As believers however, we need not worry, since we'll be at our wedding supper with Jesus!

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Daniel was given details of future events - the rise and fall of the Persian and Greek kings, which all came to pass exactly as predicted. God is the same yesterday, today & forever. He has proven Himself faithful & true through the prophecy given to Daniel as well as many others!

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The Church of Laodicea - the only church that Jesus had no word of commendation for. He rebuked them for being "lukewarm" and not taking God seriously. They were self-righteous and deceived. But the reason Jesus was so hard on them was because the loved them and wanted them to open their hearts and repent. What are our priorities? Are we on fire?

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Yahweh, the Great I AM. God wants to have an intimate relationship with us, but that intimacy is built on more than just a name. Over and over in the scripture, God defines Himself as many things and that He is everything we need. It's not what we know, it's who we know. Do you know the great I AM? Are you His child?

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Simple and effective tips & tools to share our faith with others...

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"The War on Truth" - We see a struggle in the heavens dipicted in Daniel 10. Satan and his angels are constantly attacking God's children. Therefore, like Daniel, we must: 1) take the supernatural seriously 2) devote ourselves to prayer & 3) seek Truth above all else!

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The devil has declared a spiritual war on America. As Christians, it is our responsibility to follow Jesus' example to take a stand against the works of the enemy and to take a stand for our faith, family & freedom. So let's pray, proclaim the Good News, practice our faith, and participate!

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Question and answer discussion with Pastor Waxer Tipton...

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"Philadelphia - The Faithful Church"

4 characteristics of a faithful church are: 1) Submission to the authority of God 2) Seizing Opportunity 3) Revival & 4) A future believed. Are we, like the church in Philalephia, faithful believers?

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"A Revelation to the Apostle - 'You'"

An introduction to Daniel's fourth and final vision from the Lord. 

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Sardis - The Church of the Living Dead

Sadly, the Lord had nothing good to say about His church in Sardis. It was a church with a good reputation, but was spiritually dead and in need of a resurrection. The Lord's command to the dead in Sardis was: 1) Wake up  2) Remember what they had received  3) Repent. Let's learn from Sardis and heed the Lord's warning in our own lives and churches!

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Daniel prays for his people and is given a vision on Jesus' second coming. Let's follow Daniel's example to humble ourselves, repent, and pray for our people... 

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Thyatira - A Lax Church...

The church of Thyatira was strong in their love, but way too tolerant with false doctrine. Let's learn from the Lord's warning to them. We are to look into His "eyes", not only our works; not tolerate what He shows us; repent; and hold fast, so that we may be rewarded!

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"Jesus, guide us to live what is foreseen in 2014!" ...Your Word, Will & Way

God wants to give us a new heart and spirit. All we have to do is lie down on the table and let the Surgeon do the rest.

Just be His people, and let Him be your God. Let go and let God, God!

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God calls us to finish well. So, before we start planning our ministry for 2014, let's first plan our lives. Heavenly goals are only achieved by heavenly methods, so let's: Schedule time with God, have ruthless Accountability with the sin in our lives, Fear God, & Encourage one another!

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