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The most overlooked members of the Christmas story were the angels. But throughout scripture, we see that they got to play the best parts. The angels of the Lord got to tell everyone the Great News of Jesus! We have been given the same privilege, so let's be like the angels and spread the Good News that Jesus is alive!

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Christmas is not just about the Child, but more importantly, the love of the Father. Immanuel means "God with us". Have we emabraced it? Received it? Does our life reflect that truth? All God wants is our heart. Let's give Jesus ALL of us this Christmas!

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The Truth about Christmas... A Biblical basis for modern-day Christmas traditions like the Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, and more!

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"The Curse of Compromise"...

Jesus commended the church of Pergamum for having a strong "front door", but condemned them for letting Satan come through the "back door" (i.e., compromise). Where are the weak spots in our life? Do we want to receive the curse of compromise or the white stone of acceptance? Life has many choices. Eternity has only two. Let's choose wisely!

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Daniel's second vision...

Like Daniel, we as Christians should be confident that God will never leave us or forsake us, that He has a plan to prosper and not to harm us, that God is great, that God is in control even when we don't fully understand, and to get back up and go about the King's business. 

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Daniel's vision of the three beasts...

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The heart and soul of One Love Ministries... Our four pillars, our basic principles, our calling, & our core values. There is a place and a need for every person. Are you knocking on the door of opportunity to serve God?

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We as humans are a lot like sheep. And the Lord is our Shepherd. If we truly understand how a good shepherd cares for his flock of sheep, we would take comfort in the Lord's care for us and be able to find true rest in Him.

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Daniel gained respect and favor in Babylon by being faithful and consistent in his life, his workplace, his relationship with God, & the face of hardship. Ultimately, Daniel is a picture of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, who will be faithful till the end!

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God made us to experience everything life has to offer, including our feelings, and when not impaired, ALL of it will ultimately lead us to Him. So let's live as we were made by 1) feeling our feelings, 2) being honest with what's going on inside us, & 3) living out our freedom by letting go and letting God! 

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Daniel interpreted the writing on the wall for King Belshazzar at his feast in which he was defiling the holy vessels of the Temple of God. It read, "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin", or "Numbered, numbered, weighted, divided." God was stating that He Is, He Knows, and He Acts. 

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Let Go & Let God! 

Wrapping up the series on Forgiveness by Gil Mertz.

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Reclaim my purpose for the future...

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Restore my peace in the present...

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Resolve my pain of the past...

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We all want to be "self-made" men and women. We all battle with pride. Will you allow the Most High God to be king of your life? Let's learn from King Nebuchadnezzar's mistake and let heavan rule, because in the end, God will always get the glory. 

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"Release My Power of Forgiveness":

Everyone needs forgiveness! Unforgiveness can cause a heavy toll on us physically, relationally, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually. We don't need more faith, we simply need to release/exercise the faith we already have. 

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Ch. 2 - Daniel interpreted King Nebuchadezzar's dream, which turned out to be a prophecy of the future empires.

Ch. 3 - Hananiah, Mishael, & Azariah refused to worship/bow down to the king's golden statue and were thrown into the fiery furnace, but Jesus rescued them!

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Moses tells us to dwell in the shelter, or secret place of the Most High God, and that the Lord will deliver and protect us. Like Moses, will we choose to step into the refining fire & presence of God? It's the best place for us to be!

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Faith is simply doing what God has already told us. Do you know what the Lord likes? Do you like God's ways? Let's worship the Lord in our obedience in doing what He likes!

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Understanding the nature and character of God through the preeminence of Jesus.

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Daniel purposed in his heart (i.e., made up his mind ahead of time) not to defile himself with the king of Babylon's food. Like King Nebuchadnezzar, Satan is constantly trying to get our eyes off of Jesus and onto the things of the world. Let's be like Daniel, and choose ahead of time to stand for Jesus!

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Discover how the Old Testament Tabernacle is a pattern for intimacy with God today.

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Discover how the Old Testament Tabernacle is a pattern for intimacy with God today.

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Discover how the Old Testament Tabernacle is a pattern for intimacy with God today.

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An overview to the book of Daniel. This book reveals God's providence and purpose in history and is full of prophecy that has already been fulfilled. Daniel's life can be summed up by purpose, prayer, & prophecy.

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The Bible is filled with scripture which tells of the blessedness of fearing the Lord (walking in His ways). We as humans do not have the ability to fear the Lord on our own, but need the Holy Spirit's power. So let's be filled with the Spirit of God and fear the Lord, so we can live a life without regrets!

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CUFI Western Regional Coordinator, Randy Neal, explains why it's Biblical for Christians to stand with Israel.

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Discipleship is a lifestyle of following Jesus that includes pouring into others and being poured into. Three opportunities for discipleship include scheduled times, moments, & milestones. Are we taking advantage of all three opportunities to disciple and be discipled? Let's live intentionally in Christ for the Kingdom of God!

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King David sinned against the Lord by taking a census of the people of Israel. As a result, he had to choose from three forms of punishment for the entire nation. Out of fear of the Lord, he chose 3 days of pestilence. However, King David took this plague as an opportunity to repent, cleanse the people, and worship the Lord. 

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A letter of encouragement to the church of Smyrna, or the "persecuted church". The word "smyrna" literally means "myrrh". Like myrrh and Jesus, let's give off a fragrant aroma when we are crushed, because God cares more about our eternal state than our present comfort.

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Psalm 18 - A song of King David. He begins by exalting the Lord, then proclaims God's exploits, equity, justice, and exellence. God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and therefore we can trust Him!

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The second section of the Book of Revelation, "the things which are", begins with Jesus' letter/message to the chruch in Ephesus. He commends them for their works, labor, patience, discernment and perseverance, but condemns them for leaving their first love. He encourages them to remember, repeat, repent, and remove, so that they can receive their promise.

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Nehemiah demonstrates the importance and power of prayer. We learn the purpose of prayer is to align our will with God's will, and the model for prayer is Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, & Supplication. Let's pray and wait for the Lord's timing, so when He "pulls the trigger", we are ready for action!

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 John continues in his revelation of Jesus with the only description of Jesus given in the New Testament. In this passage we are reminded of God's view of His Church and that we ought to have a balanced view of Savior, Judge, Authority, Majesty, & Friend!

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40 years after King Saul's sin toward the Gibeonites, God inflicted a famine on Israel until King David made atonement by hanging 7 of Saul's grandsons. In this chapter, we learn: 1) There will always be "giants" 2) Dry times often come as a result of unresolved sin 3) There is both individual & national responsibility.

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Today we learned:

1. Grace & peace are given by Jesus Christ...Do you have them?

2. The work of God is perfect & complete

3. God is presently at work completing His plan for humanity...Jesus is coming! 

4. Like Jesus, we are called to be faithful witnesses of God

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After Absalom's death, Sheba revolted against King David, but was handed over by the people of Abel Bethmaacah. 

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As we take our first steps into the book of Revelation, we will ponder on the what, when, and why...

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After much mourning over his son Absalom, King David took some healthy advice from an unlikely source (Joab), and resumed his position as king over all Israel. We see David's leadership style in action as he made choices to win back respect of the people.

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As we start the book of Revelation, it is crucial to know the nature and character of God. Regardless of what we see or think, He is always Good, Omni, & Divine!

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David's army defeated Absalom's army in the forest of Ephraim, and Absalom was killed against David's wishes. Absalom's pride destroyed him, and he utimately reaped what he sowed. What's your pride costing you? Let's deal with it now before it destroys us and those around us.

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An overview to the book of Revelation. This last book of the bible closes the New Testament with the focus on the second coming of Christ. It is God's revelation to John of Jesus Christ to comfort and encourage the persucuted church. It's all about Jesus! So, are you ready? 

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Roots of bitterness hardened the hearts of Absalom and Ahithophel to the point of wanting to destroy King David. However, God's sovereign hand protected King David so that Absalom chose Hushai's counsel over Ahithophel's, which eventually led Ahithophel to take his own life. God is large & in charge, so let's not lean on our own understanding!

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The conclusion of Paul's letter to the Galatians. The book of Galatians addresses the two questions: 1) What is required to be saved?  2) What does a Gentile need to do? It's not about circumcision or uncircumcision, but about being a new creation in Christ. It's not about how good you are or who you are, but WHOSE you are. So..."who's yo' daddy"?

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Absalom's rebellion against his father, King David revealed the true character of many. There was Ziba, "the opportunist", Shimei, "the bitter self-righteous", David, "the broken", Absalom, "the arrogant", Hushai, "the deceiver", and Ahithophel, "the vengeful". Times of rebellion are times of revelation. Nothing good resides in our flesh, so the secret to life is death! 

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Paul challenges the body to properly care for one another and to know the difference between ministering and meddling.

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Listen to panel members Allen Cardines, Kanani Kawika, Paul Metzger, & Waxer Tipton as they discuss "question & answer style" with our body, on the topic of who is my neighbor & how do I love them?

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Listen to panel members Allen Cardines, Kanani Kawika, Paul Metzger, & Waxer Tipton as they discuss "question & answer style" with our body, on the topic of who is my neighbor & how do I love them?

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Jesus commands us to love our neighbor. So, how do we truly love everyone, including those that are difficult to love? We see in scripture that we must first give God our heart, then get God's heart for others, and finally, give God's heart away. Are you willing to count the cost to love your neighbor?

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The most dangerous force on the earth is not the hatred of Al-Qaeda, but the holy love of God poured out through Jesus Christ. Let's not try to earn God's love, nor spurn it, but just receive it and be filled with it. It's God's love for us that builds our faith in Him.

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"The birth of a politician" - Absalom stole the people's hearts through lies and deception, and led a coup against his own father, King David. Who has your heart? What do you desire most? Where our heart is, reflects what we want most. "Never doubt in the dark, what God has told you in the light." 

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Acts 2:42-47 describes the healthy habits of believers in the early church. They continually participated in teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread (Communion), prayer, giving, serving others, evangelism, & worship. Let's ask the Holy Spirit to search our hearts and reveal... 1) What am I doing well in? 2) What do I need to improve on? 3) What would I like to achieve? 

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The law of Christ is Love. Are we about restoration? The worst kind of deception is self deception. Therefore, we must always remember to look to ourselves first, lest we become prideful and fall. As we walk in the battle of our flesh and Spirit, let's keep ourselves S.A.F.E. and motivated by Love.

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Joab used a wise woman from Tekoa to convince King David to elevate himself above God's Law and withhold disciplining his son Absalom. Although David pardoned Absalom, he didn't forgive him...the exact opposite of what God calls us to do. Let's learn from David's mistake and forgive as we have been forgiven!

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The fruit of the Spirit is a by-product of being rooted and grounded in Jesus. It's not something we do, but what we are when we walk by the Spirit. The best the flesh can give is temporary pleasure and success, but the Spirit brings fulfillment! 

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The power of Lust! Sin breeds sin. By doing nothing about Tamar's rape, King David created the scenario for the rest of the tragedy that followed. Discipline and Forgivness would have changed the entire outcome. Both were and still are needed. There is no weapon more powerful than forgiveness. Are we so thoroughly delighted in God's forgiveness of ourselves that we can freely give it away to others?

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Paul lists some of the obvious deeds the flesh and explains that if we habitually practice them, we will not inherit the Kingdom of God. The key is not what we remove (ourselves from), but what we fill ourselves with. If we fill ourselves with the Spirit of God, then we won't be able to fulfill the desires of our flesh. We will be known by our fruit. What's coming out of us when we are squeezed? 

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King David's son, Amnon, raped his half sister Tamar. We are all in a battle for our soul, and we each have our own "flavor" of sin. True love waits & gives, but lust takes and destroys. Lust is like a is never satisfied. Lust hurts the heart of God. Therefore, our call to action is to flee lust and pursue Jesus, because that's the only way we can overcome.

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Scripture infers that we will battle desires of our flesh for our entire earthly lives, but Paul says that if we walk by the Spirit, we will not carry out the desires of our flesh. The lust of the flesh is to serve self, but walking by the Spirit means to love/serve others. We can't do both. Which "dog" are you feeding today?

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God used Nathan, a friend, to convict King David of his sin. After true repentance, the Lord restored King David and blessed him beyond what he deserved, according to the Lord's lovingkindness. We, like David, aren't sinners because we sin, rather we sin because we are sinners. Clean hands and a pure heart are not natural, but only possible through Jesus.

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Jesus Christ has entrusted to us HIS heart to save the lost, endowing each of the beloved with gifts and abilities powered by the Holy Spirit. We are called to love HIM and love who HE loves. One day HE will return, but while HE's away..."Whatcha doin' with whatcha got?"

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King David didn't go to war as he should have and sinned with Bathsheba instead. His comfort led to complacency, which ultimately led to catastrophe. David's sin caused the death and loss of valuable and valient warriors of God. Where has God called you to be? If you're not where you are supposed to be, then you are definitely where you aren't supposed to be! 

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What is success? What is greatness? What is important in life and how do we maintain it? The world's definition of greatness is opposite from God's. "Greatness" in the eyes of the Lord is being faithful to exactly what God has shown us to do love those around us now. If we want to be great, we need to care for our soul. The key to greatness is a devotional life with the Lord in prayer, study and worship. Doing "little" things daily will build a lifetime of "greatness"!

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King David attempted to show kindness to the Ammonites by sending his servants to console Hanun concerning the death of his father, the king. However, the Ammonites repaid their kindness with evil by humiliating David's servants. As a result, war broke out, and Israel defeated Ammon and their hired help, the Arameans. Just as David's servants were ambassadors to the king, we as believers, are ambassadors to King Jesus, and will often have evil returned for our kindess. Let's not be discouraged or take revenge, but listen to and trust our King, who will heal, restore and fight for us!

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Rabbi Paul encourages us to "stand firm" in our freedom because our flesh will naturally tend towards legalism. He reminds us that if we want to be under the Law, it is all or nothing. We can't have "salad bar" Law-abiding. Saving faith through love (Jesus alone) is the only thing that mattters. 

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King David subdued his enemies, strengthened Israel, and made preparations for the building of the Temple. The result of obedience is victory! Once the Kingdom was established and the borders were secured, King David remembered his covenant with Jonathan and showed loyal love to his son, Mephibosheth. Like Mephibosheth, we can be adopted into the "King's" family and go from desert to palace in an instant by receiving the love of King Jesus!

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"Back to Bondage - pt 2" - Rabbi Paul teaches the Galatians and us the difference between the Old Covenant (i.e., the covenant of the Law) vs. the New Covenant (i.e., the covenant of grace). He compares the old covenant to Hagar, which was man's attempt at acheiving God's will, and the New Covenant to Sarah, who represented God's supernatural ability. Choose this day whom you will serve. Where will you put your faith? In self or Jesus?

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King David wanted to bless God by building Him a Temple, but instead, God ended up making a covenant with David and blessed him beyond what he could have imagined! Sometimes God says "no" because He wants what's best for us. The Lord doesn't need us to do anything for Him, He just wants us...our intimacy.

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"Back to Bondage" - Paul reminds the Galatians of when they were saved and what they were saved from...sin, death, and self!

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David was finally King over the entire nation of Israel as God had annointed him, and he continued to grow stronger because God was with him. After learning from a mistake, which cost the life of Uzzah, the ark of God was finally brought "home" to the city of David. By grace, God continued to work in, through, and in spite of David. Let's learn from David's mistakes and do things God's way! 

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"When the fullness of the time came, God sent forth His Son..." There were at least four major areas of preparation for the coming of Jesus - religious, cultural, political, & personal. God had a perfect plan of salvation through His Son, Jesus before the foundations of the earth. There were appointed and exact times for the fulfillment of His plan. He did all this so that we could be adopted as His children and become heirs to the riches of Jesus!

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Ish-bosheth, King Saul's son, is murdered and his head taken to King David, but instead of being rewarded, the murderers are put to death for their evil.

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A mature Christian & Church has love for God, His Church, AND His world. Do we have, do we operate in all three of these calls? In our flesh we cannot, because selfishness will win. Only God can grow a love for all three in us. Let's grow up, not just out!

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The House of David grew steadily stronger while the House of Saul grew steadily weaker, just as the Lord had spoken. Abner eventually submitted to God's choice and defected to the House of David in Judah. Where is our allegience? In the House of God or the house of "self"? Like Abner, let's stop fighting against the House of God! If you really want what God wants, Just Do It!!! 

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The testing of Jesus in the wilderness...

Satan tempted Jesus' intellect, will, & imagination, but Jesus responded with the Truth, the Word of God. The same tempter came to Him on the cross at Calvary. Our salvation was totally dependent on Jesus' response to temptation. Like Jesus, our response to temptation is not determined in the moment of temptation, but by our world view, our prior convictions. The Truth is that life is sacred because it is given by a Holy God.

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After King Saul's death, David sought the Lord and went up to live in the city of Hebron, where the men of Judah annointed him King over Judah. However, Abner made Ish-bosheth, Saul's son, king over Israel. Civil war broke out and many lives were lost. Just because somehthing is of the Lord, doesn't mean it will be easy. What are you pursuing and why? Don't let the ends justify the means. Let's live righteously before the Lord, without compromise.

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Paul continues to explain the purpose of the Law and its place in the life of the believer. It was to be our tutor to point the way to Jesus, but never to be the way itself. The Law kills us so we can be resurrected in Jesus!

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According to God's Word, the chapter of King Saul came to a close, while a season of opportunity for Israel began with David. The Philistines hung King Saul's body on the city wall. The enemy's agenda is always to make a fool of us and celebrate death. However, David did not celebrate King Saul's death, but chose to love his enemy by mourning for him and honoring him and Jonathan with a song. The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus!

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We reflect on and celebrate Jesus' resurrection and its impact on all of our lives, beginning with a very special man named Joseph of Arimathea. How are we to be like him? He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!!!

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To help prepare our hearts for Easter, let's reflect on the "highlights" (The Triumphal Entry, The Last Supper, The Garden, The Courtyard, The Trial, The Cross, & The Resurrection) and remember that we are loved...Amazing love, how can this be, that Thou my God would die for me!

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God made each of us unique, so let's lay aside anything holding us back from following and serving Him in the specific way He has called us. Fix our eyes on Jesus & go!

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Paul continues in his arguement of freedom in Jesus Christ vs. bondage of the law. He also explains the purpose of the Law.

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After he found himself in great distress, David finally surrendered to God and made the following wise decisions: 1) he strengthened himself in the Lord 2) inquired of the Lord 3) obeyed the Lord & 4) imitated the Lord by showing grace. Even though David was in complete compromise, God spared his life as well as all those under his leadership. Likewise, even when we are foolish, God is faithful when we totally surrender to Him. A beautiful picture of restoration!

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Ephesians 5:21-6:4

Taken from Paul's letter to the Ephesians, five signs of a "healthy" (God-centered) family are 1) an attitude of service 2) intimacy between husband & wife 3) parents who teach & train 4) husbands who are loving leaders 5) children who obey & honor parents. There is no such thing as a perfect family, but we can all start somewhere. Let's be effective witnesses to the world by loving our families through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Both David and King Saul found themselves in desperate situations as a result of aligning themselves with something other than the Lord. David avoided the Lord's voice, while King Saul sought the Lord, but didn't get an answer. Who are we aligning ourselves with? For the sake of ourselves and those around us, let's make sure we are seeking and obeying the Lord alone.

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"Blessings & Curses" - Those who do not keep the entire Law of God perfectly are cursed. However, Jesus became a curse for us in order that we may be blessed if we put our faith in Him as our Savior and Lord. 

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After David chose to trust in the Lord by refraining a second time from taking King Saul's life into his own hands, he made the mistake of listening to himself and took refuge in the land of the Philistines, where he fell into compromise and ultimately shed innocent blood. When David's eyes were on the Lord, he made wise decisions and was blessed, but when he looked to himself, he fell into despair and sin.

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It's all about faith! Faith is the fuel for everything. Both justification and sanctification is a work of the Holy Spirit, not man (the Law). Only faith can bring God believe in Him and to belive Him.

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Right after David's "victory" in leaving Saul's life in the Lord's hands, he succumbed to his pride when challenged by Nabal. It's often the "little" things that "get us". Instead of reacting in our flesh like David, let's be peace-makers like Abigail. She was able to alter history by choosing to be humble and obedient. 

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Exodus 18:13-27 describes God's divine instruction on how to lead in the Kingdom of Heaven. As Christians, we are all leaders and should be praying for others, sharing the Word, and walking the walk. We must also learn to delegate because "Kingdom style" leadership is not a solo effort. Some of us need to delegate, while others need to participate. 

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David had the opportunity to kill King Saul to free himself from the persecution of his enemy. He instead, chose to cut a piece from the hem of his robe, but was immediately convicted by his choice and repented. David was practiced in being convicted of "little things" and not just the "big things". Let holiness pervade every chamber of our heart and never pay back evil for evil. Let's leave the fate of others in the hands of the Lord and let the peace of God remain on our heart.

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Paul challenges the Galatians and us to keep it simple by continuing to live by faith. We institutionalize ourselves with rules and burdens to try to make God love us more and to make us look like better Christians. What are you still trying to add to the work of God? Lay it at the foot of the cross. God doesn't ask for perfection, just obedience. 

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We see David exhibit the fruit of self control as his is betrayed by his own tribe shortly after leading them to victory against the Philistines. Like David, let your stronghold be in the Lord and let the fruitful spirit of self control be within us, even when we have every earthly right to fight, but every Godly reason to let go and retreat.

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Paul continues to make it clear that we are justified by faith and faith alone. The job of the Law is not to save, but to show us our need to be saved. Anything other than God's will for our life is sin. Are we in rebellion?  Trasformation happens from the inside-out, not outside-in. We must choose to die to ourself daily, so that we can be joined with Christ and live for true freedom!

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David flees from King Saul to Gath, where he needs to feign insanity to escape the hand of King Achish. Although he feared his life greatly, his weapon of choice was worship. Let's find a heart of worship in the midst of our trials.

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David, the annointed of God, finds himself in a "cave" after leaving the house of God to go to the enemy's fire, getting burned and depending on himself to escape. His sin causes 85 priests of the Lord to be killed as a result of King Saul's insecurity and pride. However, David chooses to take responsibility for his actions and praise the Lord in the "pit". When we too find ourselves in the pit, God always wants us to return to praise! 

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The plan and purpose of Jesus is discipleship. It was His last spoken commandment here on earth. Discipleship is God's model of ministry. Do you have a disciple? Are you being discipled? Let's obey our Lord's Great Commandment!

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Our theme for 2013 is "No In-between in 2013"! What does that mean? It means no compromise. How do we achieve that? By devoting our hearts and souls to seeking the Lord, by spending time alone with God and allowing Him to create clean hearts in us, which will renew steadfast spirits.

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