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Today’s message is a very simple point, and that’s the danger often we stumble over “The too simple” ... such as God loves you!

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The reason society follows image is, it truly believes there is nothing else, nothing more important or more powerful than their “gods”. The sooner any of us realize who it is we will have to answer too, the better our lives will get! The less we will focus on image, and the more we focus on our creator.

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Join us this week as Esther and Brad McDaniel share about taking care of our Keiki. 

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To be at peace in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, a christian only needs to be reminded that God’s moral order and kingdom are not of this world, and cannot be overthrown!

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You're going to have a tough time if your question to God is always “Why”? We need to learn to change that too, "What God are you teaching me? What am I to see or learn?"

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