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John Beers shares about the ministry, Gospel for Asia.

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The illegal trial of Jesus... Pilate asks Jesus "what is truth", but doesn't stick around for an answer. Anyone who really wants to know the answer will hear God's voice and know that Jesus is Truth.

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Hannah keeps her vow to the Lord and dedicates Samuel to the Lord. She sings a prayer of praise, proclamation, protection, provision, & providence. The Lord then blesses her with five more children. God will honor those who honor Him!

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Jesus crosses over the Kidron Valley into the Garden of Gethsemane, where he is betrayed by Judas and arrested. Peter cuts of Malchus' ear and later denies Jesus three times as predicted. Jesus eventually dies for "Pete's" sake...and ours!

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Hannah's request for a son is granted, and she keeps her promise to dedicate him, Samuel, to the Lord. What do you have? Choose to dedicate it to the Lord. Everything we have is on loan from God, so let's give it back to Him!

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Jesus prays to the Father requesting four things for Believers. Preservation, Sanctification, Unity, & Participation in Jesus' glory. Amen!

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Boaz marries Ruth and redeems Naomi during the wheat harvest, which is the same time as Pentecost. The book of Ruth is a prophetic book, speaking of the Church and Israel in the end times. The time is short, so let's heed God's voice...

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The Lord's Prayer... Jesus is about to be crucified, and He pauses to talk to the Father.

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Ruth uncovers Boaz' feet and ask him to spread his covering over her. Like Ruth, we are to offer ourselves to Jesus as a bride and come under His covering. Like Boaz, Jesus will cover us in His blood of redemption and give us rest.

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