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All humans have eternal life, the question is not only where will you live it, but how will you live your eternal life? Learning how to live for eternity with God begins the moment you are born again, and the is eternal living.

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Why does it matter if we see God as King? Because something will always be the king of your life! The thing that you worship and follow, the thing that dictates what you do and how you live, the one you seek to please.

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Siege warfare meant surrounding the city and trapping all its inhabitants in, cutting off water and food, and closing off the river, depriving the city of the things they needed to live. Satan uses the same kind of tactics. He desires to cut you of from the fountain of living water!

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What would make someone forget or leave behind their people and their father’s house. Something that is more glorious and grand than anything they could imagine. A King who leads with righteousness and meekness and justice.

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Anytime the children of God come to worship Him, their hearts should share the expression of the psalmist. An overflow of the heart that has seen and been moved, changed, and blessed by the majesty, beauty, and grace of God.

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