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Comedian Nazareth encourages us to share our faith with others by remembering 1) the Holy Spirit is the same yesterday, today & forever; 2) the Word of God is a powerful double-edged sword; and 3) God desires for ALL to come to know Him and be saved.

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The third most important thing a Christian should know after the message of salvation and the abundant life, is the power of prayer. It is critical to understand what prayer is and isn't, how & why, and when & where to pray, because it's what made Jesus, "Jesus"!

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Jesus commanded us to make disciples, but discipleship can seem like a huge mountain that's too difficult for us to climb. The only way to tackle it is one step at a time. So let's 1) confirm our relationship with Jesus, 2) establish discipleship time, 3) pray for discipleship moments, and 4) prepare for discipleship milestones!

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James is calling us to integrity. Anything less is evil. We need to be men & women of conviction, not convenience. The bottom line to our sin is not truly knowing the Father's character. Ultimately, God wants to be spiritually healed and made whole in Jesus.

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In chapter 5, James is not calling out wealth, but greed. Are we using our resources responsibly? For the Kingdom of God, or for ourselves? Where do we place our trust, value, and happiness? On temporal or eternal things? The key is perspective! Let's live with an eternal one!

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