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Paul's journey in Acts, chapter 27 starts by reminding us that we often fall into our own storms when we choose to follow the majority.

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This weekend we were blessed to hear Ravi Zacharias talk about authentic worship. We cannot worship our King without gratitude, reverence, sacrifice, and without purity of motive. 718540

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Pastor Duke brings us through the Book of Esther to remind us that even when it appears that the Lord is not mentioned, He has yet to be absent in the lives of those who love Him. The Book of Esther is confirmation of how the Lord and His people are to not be under estimated no matter how small an individual's role may seem.

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Paul is brought before King Agrippa and takes the time to share the gospel. When we are sharing the gospel, we should follow in Paul's example: Find the Common Ground, don’t try and rush, begin with personal testimony, define the context (NOT about me, but of a living God), practice what you preach, preach it straight (no side steppin’), give God ALL credit and glory, give the Gospel and an invitation, be released from results, and give that they are damned.

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