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The Lord rejects Saul from being king over Israel because of his impatience, pride, and final disobedience in refusing to "utterly destroy" the Amalekites. Saul was more concerned with his reputation and didn't listen to the Lord's voice because he feared the people. Anything other than complete obedience to the Lord is rebellion, which is as witchcraft in His sight.

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When we have the Spirit of God in us, nothing stands against us in declaring that Jesus is Lord! Let's look to apostles like John & Paul as examples of courageous faith.

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Saul placed the people under a foolish and prideful oath which cursed any man who ate food before he took vengence on his enemies. His son Jonathan, unaware of the oath, ate some honey he found in the forest. But the men of Israel did not allow Saul to put his son to death because he was a God-fearing man. Let's follow Jonathan's example and fear the Lord more than man!

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Paul's letter to the church of Galatia addressed two pressing questions of the time: 1) What is required to be saved? & 2) What is a Gentile supposed to do?  The battle he was fighting was against the subject of "co-redemption" (i.e., anything added to Jesus' redemption by His death & resurrection). Paul made it clear that it is by grace alone through faith, not works (keeping of the law), that we are justified.

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We see the stark contrast between Saul and his son Jonathan as Jonathan trusts in the Lord to fight & defeat the Philistines. He exhibits character traits of initiative (as he sees God leading), identity as a child of God, & invitation (he didn't go alone). God is always looking for someone with a humble heart and willing spirit. Are we positioning ourselves where God can use us to perform His miracles?

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The resurrection power of Jesus Christ, His power to restore, replenish, forgive, and to set us back in motion is demonstrated in our Lord's response to Peter's denial. Jesus meets Peter where he's at, reassures His love for him, and gives him a promise and a future.

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