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Are we living life looking in the rearview mirror? Or are we pressing on and living in the call of Christ Jesus?

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Have we truly welcomed Jesus into our lives?

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Merry CHRISTmas! Today we celebrate God giving the gift of his son to the World. God has given you other gifts as well: spiritual gifts. Have you unwrapped them and used them? Or are they still under the tree?

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Where do Christmas traditions come from? Are they simply that? Traditions? Or are there deeper meanings tied to Christ?

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Throughout the Bible, we see strong examples ofleader submitting to the authority of God. From Moses to King Josiah, what made these men Godly leaders?

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In the book of Lamentations, Jeremiah sees much to grieve over. But in the midst of all the mess of the world, he is reminded of the faithfulness of the Lord.

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During the holidays, we can all relate to the notion that this season has its share of joy and challenges. Captain Zac Stankovits reminds us of what it means to be thankful and to pursue God first and foremost in all seasons of life.

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God made us to experience everything life has to offer, including our feelings, and when not impaired, ALL of it will ultimately lead us to Him. So let's live as we were made by 1) feeling our feelings, 2) being honest with what's going on inside us, & 3) living out our freedom by letting go and letting God!

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Paul continues in Greece, giving an example of what it is like to be an active, bold, and articulate witness for Christ. We find him practicing the basics of "Evangelism 101: Building Relationships" in order to preach the greatness of God, the goodness of God, the government of God, and the glory of God.

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Paul and Silas travel to Berea, but not without some of the Jews agitating the crowds and causing a stir. Paul is sent to Athens -- one of the most idol-filled societies. Paul stands up and proclaims the gospel nonetheless. If he can do it, so can you! One writer says Paul was short, bowlegged, balding, with a big nose, and an eyebrow that resembled a dead caterpillar. What's stopping you from sharing?

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Paul and Silas, fresh out of prison, head to Thessalonica. There they preached in a synagogue and convinced many to follow Christ, but not everyone was onboard. Some of the Jews were jealous and formed a mob, getting Paul and Silas thrown out of town.

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After some rocking worship (literally), Paul and Silas are told they can leave the jail. Paul, however, finally reveals that he was whipped and beaten without trial and is a Roman citizen. What prompted Paul to keep this quiet until now when it could've been an easy get out of jail free card?

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Singing in the Reign.  We continue reading about Paul and Silas in prison, and how they chose to sing in the reign. Even though they were bound, their spirits were free! Have you found your song in that midnight hour? Have you put your hope in the Lord alone- do you fully depend on him?

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Today we continue in Acts 16, reading about Paul and Silas in prison. When you choose to follow Jesus, you’re going to get beaten up or beaten down. When faced with adversity- rejoice! Satan has been beaten back by the beaten back of Jesus. Know that God is at work using everything you’re going through for your growth and maturity.

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The Great Suggestion or the Great Commission? Why does God give us the charge to go and make disciples?

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Paul and Silas are being followed by a woman with an unclean spirit living inside her. After days and much grief, Paul tells the spirit to come out of her. Everyone serves a master. Who are you serving today?

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Paul, Silas, and Timothy are on their way to spread the gospel, but the Holy Spirit keeps them from sharing the word in Asia. He had other plans for them. In a vision, Paul sees a man in Macedonia requesting help. They travel to Macedonia where they meet Lydia who accepts Christ and opens her home to the travelers. Have we surrendered fully to the will of God? Or are we caught up in our own thoughts of how situations should play out?

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Paul meets Timothy, the son of a Jewish mother and Greek father. He takes him under his wing to reach the Jews. Who have we taken under our wing? Are we discipling someone younger in the faith than us? We are commanded to go and make disciples. 

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Paul and Barnabas part ways after a disagreement, but God blesses their parting by reaching more areas with the Gospel. Follow the Lord's call in your life. If He tells you to go, go. If He tells you to stay, stay.

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What style of worship does God like?

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We can spend all our lives devoted to learning about Christ without fully knowing Him. Rejoice in the simple truths of the Lord.

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Philippians 1:21 tells us that living is Christ, but digging deeper it becomes apparent that there is no life aside from Christ.

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What does scripture say about tithing?

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What does the Bible say about women teaching in the church?

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Are we law driven or love driven? Be a fountain and not a drain - love people and the rest will come. God didn't put the law in place expecting you to be able to follow it; he put it in place to show you that you can't and you need a savior.

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Are we law driven or love driven? Law leads to rebellion while love leads to a relationship. Love is the ultimate core of Christian spirituality. Let us love and see how God moves.

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The church is the fellowship of the progressing, not the perfect; there will be conflict. In times of conflict, how do we respond? Are we focused on our honor or honoring God with our discussion? It's important to remember that we could be wrong.

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What's dividing us in the church today? Let's discuss it and move past it as one body of Christ, saved through faith. Do not forget what is essential in our faith and let's focus on inviting the lost, the hurting, and the outcasts into the body of believers.

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Are you mimicking Christianity or magnifying God in your life? Men: are you being strong leaders for you family?

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Jews come from Antioch and Iconium to stone Paul, dragging him out of the city. He is left there, presumed dead, but gets up and walks back into the city to preach the Gospel. Just days before they were worshipping Paul and Barnabas, but people are fickle. Preach the Gospel anyways; don't be fazed by their rejection of the truth. 

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Paul and Barnabas heal a crippled man, earning recognition for their deeds as being gods in the likeness of men. The people of Lystra offer sacrifices to them, but Paul and Barnabas quickly give glory to where glory is due: to the one true God. Are we doing our part in proclaiming the glories and wonders of the Lord?

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Are we living our lives in a way that reflects what it means to be a follower of Christ? Do we close ourselves off from spreading the gospel when faced with rejection of the Word of God, or do we keep pushing on? Join us as we talk about the importance of being sober in mind and spirit.

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How do you raise a child in a world that is constantly criticizing parenting styles? Listen as we dive into 4 Godly mother's within the Bible.

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Do you know your history on the foundations of America and how the principles of God are intertwined?

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Are we dusting our feet or washing the feet of others?  Are light is shining are we looking for those that want to know more about Jesus or are we arguing with people?


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Paul continues his sermon at the synagogue, focusing on prophesies that were fulfilled in Christ's coming, death, and resurrection.

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The tomb is still empty and Jesus is alive! The old testament prophesied of His coming even from Genesis. Are you able to lead people to Christ using only the Old Testament? Paul did. The work of God is just as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago.

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All other names fade in time and none have as great an impact as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

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Paul preaches at the synagogue about the prophecy of the Messiah - the Messiah they overlooked because He did not come in the fashion they thought He would: leading politically, economically, and militarily.

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Paul's missionary journey continues. Do you know your calling and are you being obedient to it?

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The events leading up to the prophecy of Jesus' Second Coming

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When Lewis and Clarke set off to find a water route across the North American continent, they did not expect to find mountains standing in their way. So often we don't expect mountains to stand in the way of our smooth sailing and we are only equipped for canoeing mountains instead of climbing them.

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The book of Acts is about the birth of the Bride and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We are called to be people of prayer, faith, the Word, people who do not seek our own glory, and people who are constantly being filled with the Holy Spirit.

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God's love is reliable, faithful, and requires our response.

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Lucy Wedemeyer shares the testimony of her late husband, Charlie Wedemeyer, and Dru Brown, shares of his continued legacy.

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As Paul & Barnabas set out to Cyprus on their missionary journey from God, they met a magician and a proconsul, who wanted to hear the Word of God from them. The magician however, tried to oppose them to keep the proconsul from the faith. But Paul, by the Holy Spirit, rebuked him and inflicted him with blindness. Sometimes we must first be blind in order to really see!

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Biblical investigator, Bob Cornuke, tells about his archaeological search for the four anchors from the shipwreck account in Acts 27.

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Biblical investigator, Bob Cornuke, tells about his archaeological search for the remains of Noah's Ark.

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Saul and Barnabas were set apart by the Holy Spirit to do the work that God called them to, and they went in obedience. Are we set apart for God? Do we know our calling? Like Saul and Barnabas, let's live like we're on a mission from God!

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Herod was struck by an angel of the Lord and was eaten by worms and died because he didn't give God His due glory. God doesn't need us to praise Him, but WE need to praise God, to keep us from the "worms" of anxiety, perversity, and negativity. So let's worship God and give Him the glory He deserves!

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God delivers Peter.  We will learn the power of satan, and the power of prayer.  Are we believing in prayer? Faith in the word of God will give you peace.  Are we trusting in Gods promises? 

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In order to have new beginnings, we need to have a new attitude. Let's break our attitude of entitlement, since the only thing we deserve is death. When we see everything as a gift, we will have more gratitude, more joy, and more love! 

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2017 will be a year of "New Beginnings" - a new self, a new heart and a new song! Let the old things pass away, behold all things become new!

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