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Daniel is told of the time of the Great Tribulation yet to come. Although he is troubled and doesn't understand all that was revealed to him, he is instructed to conceal the matter and not worry about it. Like Daniel, we musn't worry about the future and things we don't understand, but focus on the ministry that God has us in right now.

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Some of the "Signs of Life" Jesus looks for in a church (and us as His body) are 1. responsiveness to the Spirit of God 2. exciting, expressive & reverential worship 3. emphasis on prayer 4. spiritually anointed leaders 5. atmosphere of excitement & expectation 6. not afraid 7. growing 8. passion for God, His Word & is doctrinally sound 9. generous 10. members who see themselves as ministers. Let's check our pulse!

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Daniel is given troubling prophecy of the antichrist yet to come during the Tribulation Period. As believers however, we need not worry, since we'll be at our wedding supper with Jesus!

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Daniel was given details of future events - the rise and fall of the Persian and Greek kings, which all came to pass exactly as predicted. God is the same yesterday, today & forever. He has proven Himself faithful & true through the prophecy given to Daniel as well as many others!

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The Church of Laodicea - the only church that Jesus had no word of commendation for. He rebuked them for being "lukewarm" and not taking God seriously. They were self-righteous and deceived. But the reason Jesus was so hard on them was because the loved them and wanted them to open their hearts and repent. What are our priorities? Are we on fire?

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Yahweh, the Great I AM. God wants to have an intimate relationship with us, but that intimacy is built on more than just a name. Over and over in the scripture, God defines Himself as many things and that He is everything we need. It's not what we know, it's who we know. Do you know the great I AM? Are you His child?

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Simple and effective tips & tools to share our faith with others...

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