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Once again, where Paul goes, a riot ensues. A silversmith, worried about a loss in profits gets frustrated with The Way taking away customers from buying his idols. An enraged crowd (many don't know why they're angry) fills a large theatre, dragging along Gaius and Aristarchus. Eventually they are quieted and Paul's disciples are released. 

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In 2 Timothy 4, Paul urges Timothy to be prepared to preach the gospel in season and out of season. He charges Timothy to be sober minded, to endure hardships, to evangelize, and to carry out his ministry. 3 of those 4 charges we can often get onboard with, but it's the "enduring hardships" we struggle with. Remember to put on the full armor of God and seal it with prayer. 

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God is working many miracles through Paul - so much so that even handkerchiefs that had touched his skin were being used to heal people. A group of men try to replicate God's work through Paul by casting out evil spirits in Jesus' name. One evil spirit leaps on them and overpowers them, causing them to flee naked and beaten. Our attempts at copying will always leave us naked, wounded, and battered.

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Paul returns to Ephesus and finds a group of believers who were baptized into the baptism of John, but are missing an important piece of the trinity. He teaches them about the power of the Holy Spirit. What are you baptized into? The baptism of sorry? Or the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

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