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"The War on Truth" - We see a struggle in the heavens dipicted in Daniel 10. Satan and his angels are constantly attacking God's children. Therefore, like Daniel, we must: 1) take the supernatural seriously 2) devote ourselves to prayer & 3) seek Truth above all else!

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The devil has declared a spiritual war on America. As Christians, it is our responsibility to follow Jesus' example to take a stand against the works of the enemy and to take a stand for our faith, family & freedom. So let's pray, proclaim the Good News, practice our faith, and participate!

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Question and answer discussion with Pastor Waxer Tipton...

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"Philadelphia - The Faithful Church"

4 characteristics of a faithful church are: 1) Submission to the authority of God 2) Seizing Opportunity 3) Revival & 4) A future believed. Are we, like the church in Philalephia, faithful believers?

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"A Revelation to the Apostle - 'You'"

An introduction to Daniel's fourth and final vision from the Lord. 

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Sardis - The Church of the Living Dead

Sadly, the Lord had nothing good to say about His church in Sardis. It was a church with a good reputation, but was spiritually dead and in need of a resurrection. The Lord's command to the dead in Sardis was: 1) Wake up  2) Remember what they had received  3) Repent. Let's learn from Sardis and heed the Lord's warning in our own lives and churches!

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Daniel prays for his people and is given a vision on Jesus' second coming. Let's follow Daniel's example to humble ourselves, repent, and pray for our people... 

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Thyatira - A Lax Church...

The church of Thyatira was strong in their love, but way too tolerant with false doctrine. Let's learn from the Lord's warning to them. We are to look into His "eyes", not only our works; not tolerate what He shows us; repent; and hold fast, so that we may be rewarded!

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"Jesus, guide us to live what is foreseen in 2014!" ...Your Word, Will & Way

God wants to give us a new heart and spirit. All we have to do is lie down on the table and let the Surgeon do the rest.

Just be His people, and let Him be your God. Let go and let God, God!

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God calls us to finish well. So, before we start planning our ministry for 2014, let's first plan our lives. Heavenly goals are only achieved by heavenly methods, so let's: Schedule time with God, have ruthless Accountability with the sin in our lives, Fear God, & Encourage one another!

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