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King David didn't go to war as he should have and sinned with Bathsheba instead. His comfort led to complacency, which ultimately led to catastrophe. David's sin caused the death and loss of valuable and valient warriors of God. Where has God called you to be? If you're not where you are supposed to be, then you are definitely where you aren't supposed to be! 

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What is success? What is greatness? What is important in life and how do we maintain it? The world's definition of greatness is opposite from God's. "Greatness" in the eyes of the Lord is being faithful to exactly what God has shown us to do love those around us now. If we want to be great, we need to care for our soul. The key to greatness is a devotional life with the Lord in prayer, study and worship. Doing "little" things daily will build a lifetime of "greatness"!

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King David attempted to show kindness to the Ammonites by sending his servants to console Hanun concerning the death of his father, the king. However, the Ammonites repaid their kindness with evil by humiliating David's servants. As a result, war broke out, and Israel defeated Ammon and their hired help, the Arameans. Just as David's servants were ambassadors to the king, we as believers, are ambassadors to King Jesus, and will often have evil returned for our kindess. Let's not be discouraged or take revenge, but listen to and trust our King, who will heal, restore and fight for us!

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Rabbi Paul encourages us to "stand firm" in our freedom because our flesh will naturally tend towards legalism. He reminds us that if we want to be under the Law, it is all or nothing. We can't have "salad bar" Law-abiding. Saving faith through love (Jesus alone) is the only thing that mattters. 

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King David subdued his enemies, strengthened Israel, and made preparations for the building of the Temple. The result of obedience is victory! Once the Kingdom was established and the borders were secured, King David remembered his covenant with Jonathan and showed loyal love to his son, Mephibosheth. Like Mephibosheth, we can be adopted into the "King's" family and go from desert to palace in an instant by receiving the love of King Jesus!

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"Back to Bondage - pt 2" - Rabbi Paul teaches the Galatians and us the difference between the Old Covenant (i.e., the covenant of the Law) vs. the New Covenant (i.e., the covenant of grace). He compares the old covenant to Hagar, which was man's attempt at acheiving God's will, and the New Covenant to Sarah, who represented God's supernatural ability. Choose this day whom you will serve. Where will you put your faith? In self or Jesus?

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King David wanted to bless God by building Him a Temple, but instead, God ended up making a covenant with David and blessed him beyond what he could have imagined! Sometimes God says "no" because He wants what's best for us. The Lord doesn't need us to do anything for Him, He just wants us...our intimacy.

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"Back to Bondage" - Paul reminds the Galatians of when they were saved and what they were saved from...sin, death, and self!

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David was finally King over the entire nation of Israel as God had annointed him, and he continued to grow stronger because God was with him. After learning from a mistake, which cost the life of Uzzah, the ark of God was finally brought "home" to the city of David. By grace, God continued to work in, through, and in spite of David. Let's learn from David's mistakes and do things God's way! 

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