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Paul finds himself on an island when he is bitten by a poisonous snake. He simply shakes it off into the fire and continues on with his business, much to the amazement of those around him. The serpent will attack you in life. Shake him into the fire and trust God. The same God who did all these amazing miracles in the Bible is still the same God today.

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Our world is full lies and deceit, but we can find truth in who Jesus is.

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A storm is raging and the boat Paul is on is being rocked to and fro. Paul has unshakeable confidence in the Lord; not in the storm or what he could see and feel. We tend to believe in God instead of believing God. 

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In 1 Thessalonians, we are encouraged to pray without ceasing. But how does one accomplish such a feat?

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What in your life needs to be offered up before God can do a mighty work?

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