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It's all about faith! Faith is the fuel for everything. Both justification and sanctification is a work of the Holy Spirit, not man (the Law). Only faith can bring God believe in Him and to belive Him.

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Right after David's "victory" in leaving Saul's life in the Lord's hands, he succumbed to his pride when challenged by Nabal. It's often the "little" things that "get us". Instead of reacting in our flesh like David, let's be peace-makers like Abigail. She was able to alter history by choosing to be humble and obedient. 

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Exodus 18:13-27 describes God's divine instruction on how to lead in the Kingdom of Heaven. As Christians, we are all leaders and should be praying for others, sharing the Word, and walking the walk. We must also learn to delegate because "Kingdom style" leadership is not a solo effort. Some of us need to delegate, while others need to participate. 

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David had the opportunity to kill King Saul to free himself from the persecution of his enemy. He instead, chose to cut a piece from the hem of his robe, but was immediately convicted by his choice and repented. David was practiced in being convicted of "little things" and not just the "big things". Let holiness pervade every chamber of our heart and never pay back evil for evil. Let's leave the fate of others in the hands of the Lord and let the peace of God remain on our heart.

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Paul challenges the Galatians and us to keep it simple by continuing to live by faith. We institutionalize ourselves with rules and burdens to try to make God love us more and to make us look like better Christians. What are you still trying to add to the work of God? Lay it at the foot of the cross. God doesn't ask for perfection, just obedience. 

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We see David exhibit the fruit of self control as his is betrayed by his own tribe shortly after leading them to victory against the Philistines. Like David, let your stronghold be in the Lord and let the fruitful spirit of self control be within us, even when we have every earthly right to fight, but every Godly reason to let go and retreat.

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Paul continues to make it clear that we are justified by faith and faith alone. The job of the Law is not to save, but to show us our need to be saved. Anything other than God's will for our life is sin. Are we in rebellion?  Trasformation happens from the inside-out, not outside-in. We must choose to die to ourself daily, so that we can be joined with Christ and live for true freedom!

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David flees from King Saul to Gath, where he needs to feign insanity to escape the hand of King Achish. Although he feared his life greatly, his weapon of choice was worship. Let's find a heart of worship in the midst of our trials.

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David, the annointed of God, finds himself in a "cave" after leaving the house of God to go to the enemy's fire, getting burned and depending on himself to escape. His sin causes 85 priests of the Lord to be killed as a result of King Saul's insecurity and pride. However, David chooses to take responsibility for his actions and praise the Lord in the "pit". When we too find ourselves in the pit, God always wants us to return to praise! 

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