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After finding sickness in Lydda, Peter found sadness in Joppa. Healing both just as Jesus did.

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You are a Christian before a man, woman, race, etc. Saul wanted to preach to and reach the Jews, God wanted him to learn to love the Gentiles.

"It is better to have God molding you than you molding."

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Although Saul's heart and mind was to reach his Jewish brothers in Jerusalem, God called him to preach the Good News to the Gentiles. The churches were actually edified and multiplied when he left! The renowned apostle Paul had to spend his first years in ministry in obscurity for God to prepare him for his calling. Like Saul, let's not get discouraged in the wait, but trust God for the "bigger picture."

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As we see in Saul and Ananias' lives, obedience to the Lord isn't always easy, but it is always worth it. Saul had to sit in darkness for three days, while Ananias had to work through his fears with the Lord, but the course of history was changed when they both chose to trust in the Lord and answer the Lord's call. How about you?

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Saul was going down a "crooked" path as he persecuted Christians, but it was on a street called Straight: where he was gloriously converted and really began to pray; where he discovered God's will for his life; where he was filled with the Holy Spirit; where he openly identified himself with the Lord and His people; and where he became a living witness for the Lord. Are you on "Straight Street"? 

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